County Survives Superstorm Sandy

Electric, telephone service interrupted in some areas here

NEWS EDITOR Throughout the weekend and into Monday, Fulton County residents prepared themselves for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy and the torrential rain, flooding and high winds that were forecasted to accompany her. Much to the relief of many, however, the storm fell short of its predictions with some residents experiencing only temporary loss of electricity or telephone. McConnellsburg resident […]

Ward Served In WW2, Korea

Saw the world by air and sea

Editor’s Note: The following story is the sixth of a series about Fulton County veterans who fought in World War II that will be published each week in the “News’’ through Veterans Day. NEWS EDITOR “I’ve seen my share of the world,” says military veteran Glenn Ward. Having served in both World War II and the Korean War, the Warfordsburg […]

Presidential Election Tuesday

NEWS EDITOR Debates. Polls. Commercials. Mailings. It will all come to an end Obama this Tuesday when registered voters across the nation head to the polls to select the next president Biden of the United States. Voters will have a wide selection of candidates to choose from on November 6 in addition to the standard Republican and Democratic candidates typically […]

JLG Tax Appeal Settled Out Of Court

No hearing held Friday in county court

NEWS EDITOR An ongoing appeal of real estate taxes filed by JLG Industries did not go to county court as scheduled last Friday. The matter was recently settled out of court with Judge Richard J. Walsh signing off on the “stipulation and joint motion for agreed order” that now assesses the local business’ land and improvements at approximately $2.8 million […]

Good Samaritan Gets Thanks

To The Editor: Last Sunday, I attended a flea market near McConnellsburg. It was when we had left and were five miles down the road that I made the horrifying discovery that I had left my purse behind. I had made a rest stop just before we’d left and remember hanging my purse on a hook. Of course, I imagined […]

Thanks Giant Employee

To The Editor: I would like to thank an employee at Giant Foods. On October 23, 2012, I left my purse in a shopping cart in the parking lot. I returned to Giant later and was told that a male employee went out to retrieve shopping carts and discovered my purse. I didn’t get your name but I would like […]

Food Basket Clarifies Role

To The Editor: The Fulton County Food Basket is currently in the middle of its annual fundraising appeal and the board of directors would like to clarify its role and the partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Harrisburg, Pa. The local Fulton County Food Basket is a nonprofit human service agency and the direct lead agency for food […]

PennDOT’s Travelling Workers Memorial Stops In Hustontown

Sleeping Pills Found During Halloween Parade

NEWS EDITOR Officials from Fulton County Medical Center and the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed Friday that a child did pick up a package of sleeping pills during the county’s only Halloween parade the prior evening. Medical Center spokesperson Misty Hershey told the “News” Unisom sleeping pills were found in a child’s treat bag by the juvenile’s mother on Thursday, October […]

Beware Of Cash Scams

Three reported to local PSP station in three weeks

NEWS EDITOR Local residents are being advised to be wary of phone solicitations and letters involving cash prizes and schemes requiring money to be sent to foreign countries. During the last two weeks, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Eric Bartlett of the McConnellsburg barracks has been called to investigate a trio of scams involving money and the elderly. Noting these types […]