This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Erma Gress Chamberlain of McConnellsburg, was taken in 1946 and pictures the Road School students: front row, left to right: Jakie Sowers, Bobby Skiles; second row: Lyla Ludwig, Nancy Kendall Richards, Pat Culler Horton, Betty Kendall Mills, Martha Jane Glenn, Alan Seiders, James Gordon (deceased), Beulah Sowers Fix (deceased), Jessie Peck Mellott, Bob Kendall; row three: Edgar St. Clair, John Gordon, Ann Kendall Harvey, Martha Sowers, Betty Souders Keebaugh (deceased), Erma Gress Chamberlain, Mary Bivens Elvey, Dolores Culler Souders; back row: Glenn Gordon (deceased), Donald “Pete” Culler, Dick Bivens (deceased), Morrow “Shorty” Kendall (deceased), Harold McQuade, Mary Lou Sowers, Martha Culler Gordon. The teacher was Mrs. Gweldolyn Regi. The Road School is still standing and is located about one mile south of Mc- Connellsburg along Great Cove Road. 043p1.jpg