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2 Beagles
Since July 8, 2013
Needmore area
Seen in McCbg.
Last seen in
Big Cove Tannery
female & male
(mother & son)
Both 13”
Introducing new
Model 194
4-wheel drive
belly mower
and loader
6-year warranty
Make Down
Payment For
March Delivery
Motor & Implement
875 Lincoln Way E
Phone 485-3181
Basket Bingo for
Tuscarora Catholic
Summer Camp
Sunday March 26
at Shade Gap Ladies
Auxilary Building.
Doors open at 11:30 a.m.
Bingo begins at 1 p.m.
Come for Lunch
Featuring filled
Longaberger Baskets,
Door Prizes and King Tutt
Advance ticket purchase
receives FREE
Special Packet
Donation $25
For tickets contact Sister
Margie at 717-485-5917
or Ramonda Zinobile at
Vacuum Cleaners
start at $89
Sewing Machines
Mattress & Box Springs
Prices Start at
Twin - $125
Full - $175
Queen - $225
Buy your next mattress set
$399 and up from us in
2017 & get vacuum cleaner
$129 value FREE
Low overhead means low
Stop or call
717-987-3354 or
Fort Littleton
Bt. Cabins Independent
Bible Church
P.O. Box 4
Burnt Cabins, PA
Pastor Bob Benson
Matt. 24:12 “And because iniq-uity
shall abound, the love of
many shall wax cold.”
One of the characteristics
of the days just before Jesus
returns to earth is seen in the
“coldness” of love in people's
hearts. We see this coldness
evidenced today in the low re-gard
for human seen in abor-tions,
euthanasia, and the high
murder rate in our nation. It is
also seen in the multitude of
lines of division among people
today drawn on racial, social,
sexual, financial, political, etc.
criteria. We also see a cold-ness
of love in the hearts of
Christians as they turn to the
things of the world and away
from God. The solution to this
huge problem is for people to
turn to Jesus Christ to receive
forgiveness of their sins and to
allow the love of God to fill their
hearts. Won't you trust Jesus
as your Savior today?
Fulton County
Little League
For the 2017 Season
Feb. 25 – 9 to 12
March 4 – 9 to 12
Little League Field
Clubhouse at
Lions Community Park
Tee Ball
(5 & 6 yrs. old)
Farm League
(7 & 8 yrs. old)
Little League
(9 to 12 yrs. old)
2/23 2/23
Wings & Fries
Vol. Fire Co.
Fri., Feb. 24
5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Adults $10
Kids 10-4: $7
Ages 3 and
under are free
Stacey Barnhart
The Art of Marriage
a six session video event
getting to the Heart of
God's Design
Fri., April 7 6:30 p.m.
Sat., April 8
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Needmore Bible
Register no later than
March 11
By Calling Nancy Oakman:
$30 per couple –
Bring your own lunch or
$42 includes 2 bag
lunches from Subway
“New” at Clugston's
Discount Frozen
Great Prices on
Great Brands!
Frozen Pizzas
Brands like Red Baron,
Bon App├ętit, Alberto
and more
Starting as low as $1.99
Prices you won't find
Farm & Garden
205 E. North St.
Sell It Fast
In The
Winter Livestock in 1936.
It’s why buyers like
Sherow come each week to
what is one of the oldest live-stock
markets in the nation.
“They are a solid busi-ness,”
Sherow said. “They
are a good judge of people.
Several families are the third
generation bringing cattle
here – and they are not just
from Ford County; they are
coming from as far as New
Mexico and Texas.”
The Hutchinson News
reports the Winter family
has been involved in the cat-tle
industry in Kansas for
130 years.
Brian’s great-grandfather
Henry came to the Finney
County area in 1887, settling
on land near Kalvesta and
constructing a sod home.
Karl was born on the ranch
in 1889. He attended a one-room
school not far from
the ghost town of Ravan-na,
and eventually he took
over the ranch and began
to expand it.
“He knew cattle his
whole life,” Brian said.
In 1936, Karl saw a busi-ness
the business too. She has
worked at Winter for nearly
55 years and still comes on
sale days to help with the
It’s amazing to see how
much the business has
grown, Brian said.
“We now have 250 em-ployees,”
he said. “My
grandfather had 10 employ-ees
when he started.”
He once asked his dad
what his grandfather would
have thought of the
“He said he probably
would have been shocked,”
Brian said.
Every Wednesday is
game day.
They need 45 to 50 peo-ple
on sale day, the most
hectic day of the entire
week. A crew is out feeding
and watering cattle by 3 a.m.
By 6:30 a.m. or 7 a.m., people
begin trickling into the door.
The auctioneer begins sell-ing
small bunches about
8:30 a.m., but the main com-modities
– calves and feeder
cattle – begin about 11 a.m.
Then, for every group of
Ethel would pick him up.
His freshman year in high
school, the principal pulled
him aside.
“This is all you are going
to do, so you can get out at
noon and go to the sale on
Fridays,” he told Sherow.
Even if he had said no, it
wouldn’t have mattered.
Sherow said he had been
skipping school to go to
sales since the eighth grade.
“I guess it is kind of like
gambling,” he said. “You try
to out-buy the other person.
You try to get the better buy.
There is just something
about it.”
Brian said one of the rea-sons
he loves the business is
the customers.
“You see guys and they
have their kids with them or
you know their dad or his
granddad was selling here,”
he said.
But it’s also the excite-ment
of the auction house
each week that he loves.
“It’s like game day every
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