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2 Beagles
Since July 8, 2013
Needmore area
Seen in McCbg.
Last seen in
Big Cove Tannery
female & male
(mother & son)
Both 13”
The Fulton
County Catholic
Mission would like
to publicly thank
the McConnells-burg
VFW for
their generous do-nation
to assist
people in this
County. Your help
is greatly
-Sister Margie &
Sister Martha
Vol Fire Co.
will hold a
Turkey Dinner
on Sun.
Jan. 22
at 11 AM
Eat in or Carry Out
Mark your calender
Feb. 12
Turkey Dinner
Ott Brothers
Appliance Service
Call former servicer
Gerry Rife
Rife's Appliance
740 Windmill Rd.
Greencastle, PA
Legal Secretary -
full time, experience
required. Competitive
Send resume by
Feb. 3 to:
204 North Second St.
McConnellsburg PA
Vacuum Cleaners
start at $89.00
Sewing Machines
Mattress & Box Springs
Prices Start at
Twin - $125.00
Full - $175.00
Queen - $225.00
Buy your next mattress set
$399.00 and up from us in
2017 & get vacuum cleaner
$129.00 value FREE
Low overhead means low
Stop or call
717-987-3354 or
Fort Littleton
Bt. Cabins Independent
Bible Church
P.O. Box 4
Burnt Cabins, PA
Pastor Bob Benson
II Chron. 28:23 "For he sacri-ficed
unto the gods of Damas-cus,
which smote him: and he
said, Because the gods of the
kings of Syria help them, there-fore
will I sacrifice to them, that
they may help me. But they
were the ruin of him, and of all
King Ahaz led himself and his
nation astray by following the
false gods of Syria instead of
the true God of Israel. When
God allowed Syria to defeat Is-rael
in battle to punish them,
Ahaz falsely thought that their
"gods" were more powerful, and
it ended up in his and Israel's
ultimate ruin. When it seems
like the world is "winning" don't
allow yourself to be deceived
into falling into step with it. Fol-lowing
the way of the world will
lead to your ruin. Keep your
eyes on the Lord and He will
lead you in the right way, the
victorious way!
tf 2/2
shale rock – that
could largely withstand any
explosion. (Slight imprints
from dynamite blasting can
still be seen on the walls.)
And security is found in
digital defenses: The facili-ty’s
computer system is en-tirely
disconnected from the
internet, and its computers
won’t allow anyone to plug
in an external hard drive.
The company touts its
client base of highly regulat-ed
and sensitive companies
that have bought into those
assurances. In fact, the fed-eral
government uses a sig-nificant
part of the mine,
employing most of the 2,000
workers who enter and leave
the facility each day.
When Iron Mountain pur-chased
the data center in
1998, much of the storage
was used for paper and film
– patents, motion pictures,
Social Security applications
filed by every resident of the
United States, pension
records, boxes of business
Changes to how busi-nesses
manage information,
including the popularity of
cloud storage, have been a
boon to Iron Mountain and
other companies that man-age
data centers. Cloud stor-age
is a computing model
data center pumps 53-de-gree
water from an under-ground
aquifer to cool its
The mine has two major
substations underground
that draw power from West
Penn Power’s grid network.
At full capacity, the Iron
Mountain data center could
span 500,000 square feet of
space and could consume
roughly 40 megawatts of
power, enough power for
about 40,000 homes, the
company said.
The issue of cybersecuri-ty
falls largely on each indi-vidual
client’s systems, Mr.
Kidd said.
“To be honest, they don’t
want anyone else liable for
it,’’ he said.
Though the mine has
never had any intrusions or
major incidents, Mr. Hill
said, Iron Mountain is al-ways
looking for ways to im-prove
Mr. Hill pointed to a cop-per/?
lead door installed for a
large insurance company
that was concerned about
electromagnetic pulses,
which can be sent by terror-ists
or even the natural en-vironment
and could crip-ple
equipment. (In addition
to the door, a study con-ducted
later at the mine
12:30 a.m. Wednesday in Cen-tre
County when a tractor-trailer
stopped in the east-bound
lanes near the Bellefonte
exit after another truck in front
of it slid off the right berm, but
partially blocked traffic.
Although the second
tractor-trailer stopped safe-ly,
another smashed into it,
followed by two more tractor
trailers and two passenger
The drivers killed in the
crash have not yet been iden-tified.
They were driving the
third and fourth tractor trail-ers
involved in the crash.
The pileup closed a 12-
their back-grounds
are checked and
they are subjected to writ-ten,
physical, medical and
psychological tests.
The Inquirer says most
law enforcement agencies
use lie detector tests, al-though
exceptions include
the New York City Police
and New Jersey State Po-lice.
dietary supplements and
American Heart
Fighting Heart Disease
and Stroke
Tired of throwing
your weight around?
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