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is Healed.

Gaynelle Rosenberry

Gaynelle Rosenberry refers to the Fulton County

Medical Center Wound Center Services staff as

her “buddies.” After 111 sessions in the hyperbaric

chamber and four skin grafts, the 81-year-old Fort

Loudon resident has made some long-term


In 2013, Rosenberry’s husband fell on her left leg, which had to be surgically

repaired. She suffered compartment syndrome – there is no oxygen or blood flow

to the extremity. The leg swells up and surgery is required to release the swelling

and tension caused by the injury.

She required three such surgeries. A wound remained, however, and Dr. William

Milroth, her primary care physician, referred her to FCMC’s Wound Center. “I

was here daily, Monday through Friday, for two-hour dives in the (hyperbaric)

chamber,” said Rosenberry. “I didn’t take any days off. I watched TV or slept

when I was in the chamber.”

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the

body's natural healing process by

inhalation of 100%oxygen in a total

body chamber, where atmospheric

pressure is increased and con-trolled,”


said Wound Center Services

Director Tyla Swope.

Rosenberry had to undergo four skin

grafts to complete the healing and

also received a new pacemaker.

“Everything sort of clicked from

that point on,” said Rosenberry as

she swung her healed left leg

forward and back. “At one point I

thought I was going to lose my leg.

These girls (Wound Services

staffers) are wonderful. They are

good to everyone.” -

Wound Care Services

Fulton County Medical Center

214 Peach Orchard Road

McConnellsburg, PA 17233


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