This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Bille Cromwell of Needmore, pictures grades 7-8 from 1954-1955 at Belfast Towhnship School. The teacher was Mr. Wiser, who was also the school’s principal. Pictured left, top row: Marion Mellott, Ronnie Smith, Helen Garland, Dale Garland, June Miller, Donald Bard, Delores Barnhart, Ray Swadley; second row: Audrea Morton, David Koontz, Mildred Knable, Frank Hollenshead, Carol Faye Gordon, Roy Johnston; third row: Mary Manetti, Donald Morningstar, Mary Harr, George Mellott, Dorothy Swope, Marlin Ford, Betty Butterbaugh, Richard Wilson: fourth row: Billie Cromwell, Doris Truax, Mason Gordon and Mary Stevens. 52p1.jpg