Killed in action September 29, 2003, in Habbiniyah, Iraq, in the Sunni Triangle. Leading a convoy in an unarmored humvee, a remotedetonated IED was exploded directly under his vehicle. Ten long years have come and gone since your life’s blood stained the Iraqi soil and God took you home to a soldier’s final resting place. No greater pain is ever felt than when a father and mother must bury their child. And we remember with great fondness, the young man we raised every night when we turn on your memorial light. We are left with bits of metal and ribbon in the medals you were given, a piece of cloth as a folded flag, old pictures and the memories you left. The winds of time have changed many things in these past 10 years, but it has not dimmed the ache of your loss to us. Our oldest son, a soldier’s life you chose. God, country, duty, honor and sacrifice, just words to most, but words with true meaning to those who choose to stand between the monsters of the world and the weak. Love forever Son, Dad and Mom 57p1.jpg