A Fulton County quilt, hand-pieced by Bessie Raker Foreman in the "wagon wheel" pattern, has been donated to the Fulton County Historical Society museum. Most of the fabric used in the 75-inch-by 86-inch quilt was from feed sacks dating from the Depression era. It has a sawtooth border on the two long sides. The original quilt top was given to the Fulton County Quilt Club in 2006 by Bessie's daughter, Ethel P. Reeder. When Ethel left home in the 1940s to attend college, her mother turned her bedroom into a sewing and quilting room. The quilt was pieced during this time. Quilting was completed in 2008 by club members Helen Clusman, Barbara Nellemann, Jean Price, Virginia Cantner, Kate Berkstresser, Wanda Hann, Thelma Kincaid, Rene Parson, Julia Delpino, Karen Witmer and Cindy Glessner. The women lovingly dubbed it "The Red Dot Special" and decided it was worthy to be preserved in the Fulton House museum. 110p1_xlg.jpg