Winner of the JLG Ryder Cup competition held at Great Cove was the white-shirted team: John Mixell, Buzz Carmack, Jamie Greathead, Bob Paruch, Ken Welsh, Emmert Banzhoff, Rudy Mihalick, Vic Erickson, Butch Boyles, Matt Hale, Chris Kennedy, Brett Cornelius, Gary Bard, Byran Campbell, Foster Earley, Chris Munson, Ryan Earley and Dave House. Format was Saturday morning, scramble/ alternate score 5-4; afternoon better ball 6 1/2-2 1/2; Sunday singles 12 1/2-5 1/2. Overall, the white-shirted team over the black-shirted team 24-12. Captain of the white-shirted team was John Duffey and the black-shirted captain was Matt Sigel. Next tournaments are: Mercersburg American Legion - October 4 and G.B. Par 3s October 18. 046p1_xlg.jpg