Clyde Bookheimer of the Arthur and Ruth Schmidt Community Trust Committee presents a check for $15,000 to Fulton County Food Basket representatives Susan Cubbage and William Hines, center, as a portion of this year’s community support grants. The trust also gave $3,000 to the Fulton County Art Club for lights at the county library and $10,000 to the Fulton County Catholic Mission’s Christmas gift program for a total of $28,000. Hines told the committee that the Food Basket is facing uncertain funding so the grant “couldn’t have come at a better time.’’ Considered a model program by the state, the local Food Basket is celebrating 30 years of service this year and has been a lifeline to local families in need. Schmidt committee members pictured, from left, are attorney Jim Schall, Clyde Bookheimer, Dr. Harry Johnston and Denver Kuhn. 6p1.jpg