Volume 32 in the Fulton County Historical Society’s annual book series on local history features 80 postcards from the collection of Ernest Shives Jr. of Thompson Township. The publication was initiated by Linda Garber with layout by Gene Leese and covers all areas of the county. The postcards show photographic scenes from the early to mid-20th century. Some buildings such as Dreamland on Route 16 are no longer standing. Many cards show dirt roads throughout the county and guardrails of whitewashed wood. A horse and carriage wait on the main street in Clear Ridge on a card postmarked 1918. Cars from the 1930s line both sides of the road near “Shorty’s Place on a Busy Day.” Printed in full color by Mercersburg Printing as a free benefit for society members, extra copies are available in McConnellsburg at Fulton County Library, the treasurer’s office at the Fulton County Courthouse, Summer Thyme Floral on Lincoln Way West and Lincoln Way Collectibles on Lincoln Way East. 8p1.jpg