A group of 7- to 10-year-old boys who meet weekly in the specialty services portion of Fulton County Medical Center as Fulton Behavioral Health’s Stop, Relax and Think Group recently took time to say thanks for their kid-friendly meeting place. The specially designed play area has been equipped with a banana-shaped table, kid-size chairs, toys and a flat-screen TV, all made possible by Fulton County Medical Center, Medical Center Auxiliary and the Scott Hoover Memorial Fund. The Stop, Relax and Think Group is led by Elizabeth Gotwals, and Stephanie Rakoczy of Fulton Behavioral Health. The group meets for six weeks and will be followed by a new group of all girls. Pictured, left to right, are group members Brenton Deller, Adam Ewing, David Ewing, Lucas Gladfelter, Trayben Strait, Eric Brandt, Tristin Strait and Levi Miller holding a thankyou sign they made. 16p1.jpg