This week's Memory Jogger, a family photo, was taken in May 1893 in Fulton County on the farm adjoining the Vallance schoolhouse, located in Licking Creek Township on Breezy Point Road. It was purchased by the Fulton County Historical Society from Anthony Hollenshead at Fulton Antiques because of the careful identification written on the photo’s reverse side. Seated on chairs are: Mary Jane Scott Wolf, Samuel Ewing, Lewis Miller, Henry W. Scott, William Ewing, Susan Ewing and Hugh W. Ewing. Standing are Henry Wolf, Katherine Ewing, Miss Jennie Ewing, Mrs. Lewis Miller, Miss Mary Ewing, Mrs. Henry W. Scott, John Ewing, F.E.W. Scott (teacher), Samuel H.W. Scott, Osian C. Cooper and Mrs. Hugh W. Scott Ewing. 065p1.jpg