McConnellsburg Middle School sixth-graders attended their first overnight outdoor school trip to Camp Sinoqipe on October 7 and 8. Students participated in a variety of educational activities and shared in team-building activities such as tug-ofwar and partner games. Fishing in the lake was a highlight of the trip for many of the students. Another favorite for students was making tie-dyed T-shirts. Pennsylvania Game Commission provided information on conserving wildlife and help them learn about animals they have in their own backyards. The students also had an opportunity to explore the aquatic environment around the lake and learn about the plant and animal life that was present in that area. They completed a scavenger hunt while hiking through the woods and were able to identify scat, (animal droppings,) after learning about various types during one of their outdoor sessions. The sixth-graders thought this was the best field trips they had ever attended and would like to thank everyone who helped in some way to make their outdoor learning experience an occasion they will remember forever. 082p1.jpg