Pictured above are the Sideling Hill Baseball All-Stars for 2009. Front row, left: Dylan Gelvin Forbes Road), Cody Swope (Tussey Mountain), Jordan Higgins (Fannett-Metal), Shane Torbet Hyndman), Tyler Chesney (Northern Bedford); middle row: Matt Snyder (Northern Bedford), Zach Crouse (Fannett-Metal), Anthony Gardill (Chestnut Ridge), Logan Peck (McConnellsburg); back row: coach Buck Reed (Tussey Mountain), Dave McMurtrie (Tussey Mountain), Taylor Harry Fannett-Metal), Jordan DeLuca (Tussey Mountain.) Honorable mention went to: Andy Tomovich (Chestnut Ridge), Brad Ewing (Everett), Devon Petty-John (McConnellsburg), Josh Hall Southern Fulton) and Derek Younker (Southern Fulton). Named also to the Inter-County Conference All-Stars were: Tyler Chesney (Northern Bedford), Jordan Deluca (Tussey Mountain), Logan Peck (McConnellsburg), Brad Ewing (Everett), Dylan Gelvin (Forbes Road), Taylor Harry Fannett-Metal), Cody Swope (Tussey Mountain), Jordan Higgins (Fannett-Metal), Zach Crouse Fannett-Metal), Dave McMurtrie (Tussey Mountain), Matt Snyder (Northern Bedford) Derek Younker (Southern Fulton) with honorable mention to: Devon Petty-John (McConnellsburg), Elliott Chamberlain (Tussey Mountain) and Zach Morrow (Tussey Mountain). 030p1_xlg.jpg