Negley's Well Drilling of Newburg remains on schedule for the construction of an underground geothermal loop in McConnell Park. The system will connect to the Fulton County Courthouse, the Neighborhood Service Center and the sheriff’s office and upon completion will consist of 56 400-feet wells. During the winter months, water will circulate inside the sealed geothermal loop, absorbing heat from the earth and will eventually send warm air through the distribution system. The system reverses during the summer and will expel heat from the buildings into the earth. The Fulton County commissioners have said the drilling and related work must be completed by mid-March according to contract. During the course of the company’s work in recent months, employees located pieces of a brick foundation on the southside of McConnell Park that is believed to be remnants of an old schoolhouse. The project will cost an estimated $700,000 and will be offset by a $563,000 Growing Greener II grant prepared by county clerk Daniel Swain Jr. 001p1.jpg