Local dog groomer and certified instructor Patty Mc- Quade (left) teaches Breezewood resident Jamie Brambley the ins and outs of pet cardio pulminary resuscitation (CPR) on a dog manikin used during a special event hosted by the Fulton County Parks and Recreation Commission. Held Sunday at old McConnellsburg High School, the multiple-hour class led by McQuade and Linda Secrist, instructors associated with the Franklin County American Red Cross, also reviewed choking hazards for both dogs and cats, as well as how to recognize and treat ear wounds; fractures and broken necks and backs; bleeding; burns; shock; and conditions associated with extreme cold and hot weather. Anyone wishing to attend future pet CPR/first aid classes or needing to obtain information related to other upcoming courses should contact Parks and Recreation Commission program director Chanin Mountz at 717-552-0071 or chaninr@comcast.net. 087p1_xlg.jpg