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In Memory


In memory of Albert Wible, 6-11-28 – 12-17-18:

You need not be a genius
To be a special dad
Had I been given the privilege, I’d choose the one I had.
He was just a humble
No desire for worldly
Just to be a useful citizen
Upholding his good
He had a lot of self respect, He did not waste his
Worked hard for his possessions Worked hard for every
Honest, peaceful, loyal
and true
If he made a promise,
he’d see it through.
He was a faithful husband Their children their delight, They both worked in unison To teach them wrong
from right.
His precious wife for
many years,
God called her home
And left him here
Looking forward to the
When he shall be called
To meet God’s family in
the sky
Never more a sad goodbye When I count my earthly
blessings, too numerous to
High upon the list would
be Mom and Dad it’s you.

Written by Ruth Bain
for daughters,
Judy and Beverly

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