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This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Charlotte Crouse of Hustontown, pictures the Forbes Road Elementary School fourth-grade class in 1977-78. Top row: Sherri Black, Aimee Hann, teacher Sarah Shaw, Michele Black, Shelley Gracey; next row: Mike Hall, Maria Berkstresser, Dorothy Gartland, Mike Schepis; next row: Bobby Roher, Teresa Summers, Rodney Everhart, Pam Crouse, Jeff McQuait, Sally Pollock; bottom row: Chad Ritchey, Byron Shaw, Duane Helman, B.J. Souders, Russell Clippinger, Ronald Myers and Kim Sanders. This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Charlotte Crouse of Hustontown, pictures the Forbes Road Elementary School fourth-grade class in 1977-78. Top row: Sherri Black, Aimee Hann, teacher Sarah Shaw, Michele Black, Shelley Gracey; next row: Mike Hall, Maria Berkstresser, Dorothy Gartland, Mike Schepis; next row: Bobby Roher, Teresa Summers, Rodney Everhart, Pam Crouse, Jeff McQuait, Sally Pollock; bottom row: Chad Ritchey, Byron Shaw, Duane Helman, B.J. Souders, Russell Clippinger, Ronald Myers and Kim Sanders. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 3, 1998


Pennsylvania Game Commission officials report a slow opening day of deer season due to extremely unusual, warm weather. As of Tuesday morning no hunting accidents had been reported by the Game Commission, however, Pennsylvania State Police at McConnellsburg stated two children from the Harrisburg area were separated from their father while hunting in Needmore Monday afternoon.

District Forester Merl Waltz stated for this time of the year the current dry conditions being encountered in the area have not, reportedly, been this bad in decades. As a result of the lack of rain, a burning ban for open fires in the 70,000 acres of Buchann State Forest land was instituted over the weekend of November 20.

The Medical Center Auxiliary Tree of Love was erected this past week on the front lawn of the hospital. The initial lighting of the tree is set for December 15.

The full moon which will appear Thurdsay is known as the Big Freezing Moon, but there has been no sign of frost in this area the last few weeks.

Hometown convenience and holiday shopping at its finest are featured at this year’s Christmas In Mc- Connellsburg December 4 and 5.

Cory Hall of Wells Tannery killed his first buck, a nice seven point, the first day of the season while hunting with his father.

Deaths: Rev. Harold Hunsecker, Chambersburg; Ann Green, McConnellsburg; Nellie Schultz, Warfordsburg; Roy Keefer, Hancock; Howard Stokes, Hancock; Sandra Hoppengardner, Warfordsburg; Estalene Manning, Hancock; Mary Jane Keebaugh, Marianna, Fla.; Cora Mellott, Needmore; Theodore Summers, Hustontown.

A surprise 50th anniversary party was held for Lewis and Alice Foster of Three Springs. The couple was married October 30.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 15, 1988


Record cold temperatures greeted the many avid sportsmen who heard the call of the wild on Monday for the first day of doe season. Those who had packed sandwiches to eat lunch in the woods found them frozen solid.

Despite less than ideal weather conditions, antlerless deer hunters in Fulton County harvested an estimated 325 deer on December 12. The estimated first-day kill was higher than last year’s first-day estimate of between 275 and 300.

Bonnie Mellott Keefer of McConnellsburg was elected president of the Central Fulton School Board by a close vote at the board’s annual reorganizational meeting held last Tuesday. Keefer, who is beginning her sixth year on the board, replaces N. Parker Knepper, who had served as board president for the past 16 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ott entertained a host of friends and neighbors at a Christmas tree-cutting party at their farm in Todd Township on Saturday. Guests were invited to choose the tree they wanted cut from the stand growing there for a nominal fee. A fall of snow added just the right touch to the holiday event.

On December 21, Lloyd Kerlin of Burnt Cabins will be celebrating his 92nd birthday.

Norman Knepper of Three Springs recently dug from his 20x60 plot at his home a six-pound turnip. Knepper repots harvesting six turnips about this size from seed purchased at the Racket Store. The monster turnips were from an area of the garden away from the main plot but were not given any special fertilizer.

Don Welch of Needmore bagged a rare buck on Monday, the first day of the season. The 8-point is a white deer and he bagged him in the woods above Breezewood. The deer is not an albino because it does not have pink eyes, but is white in color.

Specials at the IGA: whole ham, $1.39 lb.; turkey breast, $1.29 lb.; bananas, 29 cents lb.; grapes, 49 cents lb.; round steak, $1.99 lb.

Deaths: Fred Lamberson, McConnellsburg; Raymond Kerlin, Knobsville; Thelma Mellott, Needmore; Charlie West, McConnellsburg; Amos Brown, Warfordsburg; Dalton Crawford, St. Thomas; Charles Diffenderfer, Fayetteville; Thomas Hyatt, McConnellsburg.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 7, 1978


Compared to last year, the winter so far has been mild, but people are already worrying about the increased costs of heating their homes and businesses. Last winter fuel oil was costing around 47.90 cents a gallon, this winter the cost has steadily increased to around 50.40 cents a gallon and is expected to increase even more before the winter is over, according to those in the oil business.

Employment in Fulton County hit an all-time high in October. Though more people had jobs than ever before, the unemployment rate here still was worse than in the nation as a whole. An estimated 5,000 local residents had jobs in October, according to a preliminary report from the state employment service. Those without jobs numbered 300, for an unemployment rate of 5.8 percent.

Jere L. Cook of Sheepskin Hollow died on Tuesday night. He will be remembered for the handmade wooden churches and fireplaces which he made and sold each Christmas season and are part of the Christmas decorations in many homes in the county.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Deneen of Warfordsburg were the guests of honor at a reception on November 11, celebrating their 25th silver wedding anniversary, hosted by their children at the Needmore Firehall.

Specials at the IGA: sugar, 59 cents lb.; chuck roast, $1.98 lb.; Pepsi Cola, $1.19; six 12-ox. cans; Spic and Span, $1.79.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Hollenshead of Needmore on November 25; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Zeger of Hustontown on November 27; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Deshong of McConnellsburg on November 30; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. David Beale of Warfordsburg on December 1.

Deaths: Mrs. Leslie M. Mellott, Ambridge, Pa.; Chalmer E. Wallace, Luthersburg; Nelson Carlin, Fort Loudon; Paul Mellott, Everett; Philip Bishop, Hancock; Dottie Wible, Chambersburg; George G. Shank, Warfordsburg; Estelle Cromer, McConnellsburg.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 19, 1968


Dr. G.T. Lorentz, chief of the medical staff at the Fulton County Medical Center, reports that to date there have been no cases of Hong Kong flu reported in the county to his knowledge. A few cases have been reported in areas bordering

Fulton County. The doctor said the Hong Kong flu will most likely make its appearance here during the normal flu season, reaching its peak in mid-January.

Stephen M. Hoover, son of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David R. Hoover of McConnellsburg, is a member of the Gettysburg College Band. He is a sophomore at Gettysburg.

Marriage licenses: Thomas B. Matthews of Mc- Connellsburg and Rosetta Brightman of McConnellsburg.

On December 12, Edwin H. Layton, vocational agriculture teacher at the Southern Fulton High School, was that local chapter’s delegate to the 116th convention of the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hall of Fort Littleton on December 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tritle of McConnellsburg on December 11; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pool of Knobsville on December 11; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fields of Mc- Connellsburg on December 10.

Men in service: Stephen P. Houck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard G. Houck of McConnellsburg, has enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and is now stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

Specials at the local IGA: California large navel oranges, 49 cents doz.; Tablerite ice cream, 59 cents half gal.; Maxwell House coffee, $1.39, 2-lb. can.

Deaths: Peter M. Guillard, Wells Tannery; Mrs. Marjorie L. Geist, Altoona; Gerald R. Naugle, Hagerstown.

The Potomac Edison Co. last week issued a warning to its customers that con artists are posing as employees of the utility company in efforts to bilk customers of money.

Now playing at Fulton Theatre: “Where Were You When The Lights Went Out” and “Did You Hear The One About The Traveling Salesman.” Playing at the Hancock Drive- In: “Day Of the Evil Gun” and “The Young Runaway.”

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 18, 1958


Mrs. John Greathead is occupying the editor’s chair at the News’ office this week while her husband is on vacation. Stanley Kline, Eddie MacKinlay and John are spending the week in Canada enjoying the famous ski slopes in Ontario.

State police of the local substation participated in a thrilling chase over mountainous roads and the eventual capture last Thursday of a 27-year-old mute man from Upper Darby who entered a Bedford home at noon that day, beat and bound a 62-year-old woman and then shot her husband in the foot when he came home 20 minutes later and tried to wrestle the gun away. Police apprehended the Upper Darby man about two hours later near Waterfall and found in his possession, a .22 caliber pistol, a hypodermic syringe and some alcoholic beverages. After being alerted by Bedford police, personnel of the local substation who took part in the thrilling chase through Bedford County, into Huntingdon County and back into Fulton County were Sgt. Lester Hoover and troopers William Eiker, Peter Migatulski and Charlie Wheeler.

Dr. Russell Stevens and Mrs. Amy Clevenger were married on December 7.

Nearly 150 relatives and friends called on Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kendall of town on December 13 to offer congratulations on their golden wedding annivesary.

As they go about their preparations for this holiday season, the members of the Fairview MYF ask their friends to pause long enough to send best wishes to one of their members, Don Fix, who is seriously ill in the U.S. Naval Hospital in Philadelphia.

Enoch Truax, 65, of Needmore, suffered severe cuts early Friday afternoon when his left hand came in contact with a tractor-powered saw he was operating.

A total of 969 children from all sections of the county flocked to the local firehall Saturday night to greet Santa Claus and receive a treat from him.

The tame deer which used to be seen around the farm of John Black of McConnellsburg, as well as on neighboring farms, was shot last week during buck season. Mr. Black, while mowing hay in May had found the two-day-old fawn being attacked by dogs. After being fed and back on its feet again, it did not leave the vicinity and was fair game for any unsuspecting hunter.

Rev. and Mrs. Carl Buterbaugh announce the birth of a son, Michael Brian, on December 9 at Lewistown hospital.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Shore of Burnt Cabins on December 7; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sipes of Washington, D.C., on December 7; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Waters of Burnt Cabins on December 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mixell of Chambersburg on December 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Lynch of Mercersburg on December 14.

Deaths: Lorraine Ott of McConnellsburg; Mrs. Eleanor Nelson Miller of Chambersburg.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 26, 1948


Births: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deshong of Harrisonville on December 12; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Garland of Knobsville on December 12; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mellott of McConnellsburg on December 14; a son to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Rasp of McConnellsburg on December 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schooley of Harrisonville on December 20.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence “Ike” Bivens have moved into the Matthew Lewis apartment.

The two-year winning streak of the McConnellsburg Termites basketball team was broken on Monday evening when they bowed in defeat to Fort Littleton 27-9.

Deaths: Mrs. Lou Amy Mellott; Miss Vera M. Kope of McConnellsburg; Mary Ellen Gelvin of Fort Littleton.

Approximately 120 employees of the Fulton Manufacturing Co. and their guests attended the annual Christmas banquet at the Harris Hotel last Wednesday evening. Orville “Doc” Holtz served as toastmaster.

Mrs. Ida Nesbitt suffered a fractured leg last week when a pile of boards fell on her while she was gathering eggs at the home of her son, Thurman.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 22, 1938


Several McConnellsburg young men escaped injury on Tuesday evening when a car operated by Robert Lynch overturned east of Everett.

Arlene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Mellott of Harrisonville, underwent a serious operation at Chambersburg Hospital last week.

Nearby Huntingdon County was horrified by an axe slaying on Sunday when a 44-year-old man killed his 47- year-old brother with the broad side of an axe. The surviving brother admitted that they had been drinking and started to quarrel. The older brother threw a chair at him and he swung the axe in his own defense.

Cars driven by John E. Wink of Harrisonville and Fred Mellott of Needmore collided south of Saluvia on Saturday. No one was hurt but damages were estimated at $185.

Woodrow Mellott of Hustontown escaped injury on Monday when a tire on his car blew out and the car overturned on Rays Hill. His car was damaged to the extent of $75.

Carol singers form Needmore gave a program in the Cedar Grove Church on Sunday night; the carollers, in costume, were led by Rev. and Mrs. David Hollenshead.

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Neill were called to Emlenton, Pa., on Sunday due to the death of Mrs. Neill’s father.

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnston of Newville announce the birth of a daughter, Juliet Mae, on December 17.

Smith Henry of Clear Ridge has entered a Philadelphia Hospital for observation and treatment.

Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Locke were serenaded Monday night at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Denton Rosenberry.

The Junior Red Cross has enrolled 498 children in schoolrooms in the county, according to the chairman, Ella Kendall.

Donald McDaid of Laidig is a patient in Waynesboro Hospital, suffering from severe injuries, including a fractured skill, which he received when his Ford coupe sideswiped a coal truck near New Grenada on Monday afternoon. A passenger in the McDaid car, Bert Wagner, escaped with slight injuries.

Dr J.L. Neill is now making plans to move his office and residence to the Daniels property, three doors west of the courthouse.

Among the lucky deer hunters in the Laidig area were Silas Mellott, Robert Brant, Darrell Huston and Earl McDaid.

Prof. H.M. Griffith and Mrs. Freda Duvall have moved from Wells Tannery to McConnellsburg.

Earl Mellott and sons Fred and Kermit were among lucky doe hunters in the Needmore area

Veryl Horton of New Grenada became suddenly ill Saturday and was taken to Huntingdon Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Sprowl of Wells Tannery celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary on Sunday, December 4

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Knepper Jr., Center, are the proud parents of a baby girl.

The local Lions Club planned its Christmas activities at a meeting on Monday. Among the activities this year will be treats for children of the first four grades of the local school; grocery baskets, costing $2.50 each, for needy families of the community, and, an innovation this year, a home decorating contest in which three prizes will be awarded.

Rev. Robert L. Haydon, pastor of the Harrisonville Methodist circuit, has taken up residence at the J. Wilmer Sipes tourist camp.

The two-county organizations of Future Farmers of Fulton and Franklin counties met in the McConnellsburg auditorium on Friday evening for the purpose of bestowing degrees. Honorary membership degrees were awarded to R.G. Moery, superintendent of Franklin County; Harold Welsh, superintendent of Fulton County; Owen Fries, principal of the McConnellsburg schools; and G.L. Reisner, vocational advisor. Boys from McConnellsburg who received the FFA degree were Melvin Cutchall, Robert Mann, George Shaw, Harry Lynch, Dean Long, Darl Long, Kenneth Richards and Deane Helman. Warfordsburg boys receiving the degree were Donald Spade, Frank Bard, Wilmer Mellott, Julian Shanholtz, Wayne Smith and Perry Jackson.

90 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 20, 1928


Deaths: Luther Wesley Mellott of near McConnellsburg; Jonathan C. Snyder of Thompson Township; Adah Belle Schooley of Everett; Miss Mary Jane Keyser of McConnellsburg.

John Mosier and Fannie Fisher were wed December 12.

Johnnie Conrad, faithful clerk at the post office for many years, is seriously ill with pneumonia.

Mrs. Lavina Hill of South Second Street will observe her 90th birthday on Saturday.

John P. Sipes has sold his nearly new house on North Second Street to Harry E. Grissinger, the meat dealer.

Charles Herncane and Estella Souders were married on December 10.

Eighty-five members and guests attended the annual banquet of the local Masonic Club at the Fulton House on Thursday evening.

Scott Alexaner butchered a little “runt” last week that weighed 700 pounds on the hoof.

Bethel Township’s new consolidated school building at Warfordsburg was dedicated on Saturday afternoon.

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