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Boro To Hold Public Meeting

In regards to a Maple Street property
By Cassidy Pittman

McConnellsburg Borough Council held its monthly meeting last Wednesday, October 3 to discuss borough business and hear public comments. During which time, Don McClure and Jesse Cox, McClure’s son-in-law, requested a variance for a property on Maple Street. The variance would allow said property to be rezoned from a residential property to a commercial one. If approved, McClure and Cox plan on moving forward with purchasing the land and building a small-scale storage shed business on it. Because of the location the council invites borough residents to come to the November 7 meeting at 7:30 p.m. so any complaints or concerns about moving forward with the variance can be heard.

Jewel Palmer and Matt Gordon also attended the borough council meeting to discuss ordinance issues. Palmer informed the council that she owned a property near North Street that has a residential property on one side and a commercial garage on the other with ordinance violations. Palmer has been attempting to sell the property but, according to documents she provided to the council, potential buyers were put off by the house’s surrounding properties.

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance ordinance office Clem Malot has evaluated the properties in question twice, and has reported no violations. However, after Palmer shared pictures of the properties, the council agreed to contact Malot and request that he come to the next borough council meeting to justify his findings.

In other news, Mayor Michael Chilcote proclaimed that McConnellsburg’s trick-or-treat night will be Thursday, October 25, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Houses participating are asked to turn their porch lights on.

During regular business, council approved September payments totaling $14,015.35. Revenue for the same period was $73,453.68, leaving an October 1 balance of $75,322.99.

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