2018-08-30 / Front Page

Bedford/Fulton Joint Recreation Authority Formed

To oversee Old PA Pike
By Cassidy Pittman

At their weekly meeting last Tuesday commissioners Pete Lynch, Stuart Ulsh, and Rodney McCray signed a resolution endorsing the creation of the Bedford/ Fulton Joint Recreation Authority that will support and advise The Old PA Pike trail (TOPP). The authority will be made up of six members, three from Bedford County and three from Fulton County.

Also, during the Aug. 21 meeting, engineer Craig Bachik met with the commissioners and TOPP Joint Authority member Anthony D’Anna to share updates on Navarro & Wright’s master plan for the trail. Bachik also provided drafts of articles of incorporation and bylaws, which county solicitor Stanley Kerlin will review for endorsement.

In another update from Southern Allegheny Conservancy, the current owner of the TOPP trail, this year’s ‘End of the Road’ marathon, is set to take place the weekend of Oct. 20 during the Fulton Fall Folk Festival. More details are to come.

Seleen Shives, Conservation District manager, and district board members Neil Miller and Wayne McDonald met with the commissioners to propose possible options for the recycling coordinator position. Shives made the board aware that the position will have a slightly different job description because many of the jobs former coordinator Greg Reineke completed were done out of his own passion for recycling. The commissioners agreed to contemplate their proposals and agreed to decide prior to the Sept. 13 Conservation District board meeting.

Dan Miller, chief probation officer, also met with the commissioners to provide an update on office matters, during which the commissioners approved the Juvenile Probation Grant-In-Aid agreement and endorsed the 2017-18 financial statement for juvenile probation.

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