2018-08-09 / Local & State

Pollution Control Project Funded Here

26 county conser vation districts received funding

Fulton County Conservation District has received $1,500 to host a timber harvesting workshop.

“This grant funding will allow the Conservation District staff to reduce pollution in our communities. Working together, we can all do our part to ensure there is enough clean water for future generations,” said Hunter Snyder, the district’s erosion control specialist.

Outreach about the project was expected to begin August 1, 2018. The district expects to have the workshop on October 23, 2018.

Twenty-six projects will be funded in 26 of the state’s counties. Projects include agricultural field days, forestry workshops, rain barrel workshops, safe medication disposal, and more. For a complete listing of awarded projects, visit https://goo.gl/WBqRkx.

For more information about the Fulton County Conservation District or the planned project, visit http://fultoncountyconservationdistrict.org/ or call 717-325-6093.

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