2018-08-02 / Letters

Has Questions About Forbes Road Leaving Vo-Tech

To The Editor:

I will say at the outset I do not know what the original agreement among the three county school districts was, but the school board and presumably the administration of Forbes Road after due diligence and discussion decided to opt out. It is improper then for Central Fulton or Southern Fulton to say “no.” Apparently the Forbes board felt the bang for the buck was not there and to hold them in is draconian to say the least.

If Central Fulton and Southern Fulton feel it really is a valuable program then they should not mind anteing up the extra money. As to the guy who presented the advantages to staying in, well of course he will, he makes his living off it.

I would like to see some more details about this in the “News.” What were the reasons Forbes opted out; why did Central Fulton insist they stay in? How does Southern Fulton feel? What did the original agreement specify as to opting out? If there were good reasons then they should be publicized. They may have been over these many months and I missed them.

If there are not good reasons then I say honor the Forbes Road Board request and allow them to opt out.

Thanks for any additional coverage or explanation you can provide. This does not add up.

Dennis Mosebey
Emporia, Kan.

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