2018-07-26 / Local & State

Public School Leaders Meet To Talk About PIAA

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Leaders from at least 137 public high schools reportedly plan to meet Tuesday in State College to talk about changes to the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association – but association representatives aren’t expected to attend.

Leonard Rich, superintendent for Laurel School District, told PennLive.com that participants believe private and charter schools have an edge because they can recruit athletes without the geographic boundaries that define public schools.

Officials say the 20 percent of schools that are privates and charters have won 9 out of 16 football championships and 12 of 16 boys basketball titles.

Rich argues for separate playoffs, but PIAA executive director Bob Lombardi says the association hasn’t explored that because of a 1972 law. Rich says that law doesn’t the two to compete in the same postseason tournaments.

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