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At-risk Students See GPA Increase

In Check & Connect program
By Cassidy Pittman

Check & Connect is an intervention program for students in grades kindergarten through 12th who show signs of disengagement with school and could be at risk of dropping out. Last school year, 129 Fulton County students participated in the program. Out of the 126 students that completed the two-month program, 62 percent saw an overall increase in grade point average (GPA). The program also saw a 58 percent decrease in student absences, according to data provided by the Fulton County Family Partnership.

The program works by building a trusting relationship between each student and caring, well-trained mentors, who both advocate for and challenge the student to keep their education at the forefront of their minds. Students are referred to the program when they show warning signs of academic disengagement such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and low grades. A referral can come from a teacher, parent, or guidance counselor.

The ‘check’ portion of the program refers to how the mentors routinely oversee student performances such as the amount of absences, tardies, behavioral referrals, and grades. The ‘connect’ portion refers to the personalized and timely interventions that mentors provide to help students solve problems, build skills, and enhance competence.

The mentors that assist in the Check & Connect Program have at least two years of experience working with students and families as liaisons between home and school. The overall goal of the program is to build a constructive family-school relationship.

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