2018-07-12 / Letters

More Than Fun Should Be Considered When Celebrating With Fireworks

To The Editor:

July 4 is set aside for a special day “Independence Day.”

June 28 there was an article about protecting your pet. What about your neighbors and their property?

I enjoy fireworks, but you need to think before you set them off – proper place, direction?

Do you have the money to repair damage, buy a new vehicle, or rebuild a home?

In town among properties is no place, especially the ones that go up, come down and land some place!

In Hustontown we found 24 among three properties. One on a house roof, one on a garage roof, one on the hood of a vehicle, which caused minor damage, and the balance eon the properties. Of the balance, 12 were on my property. Not cool!

Enjoy your family and fun. Please think of others and do the right thing. You have a year to think about this issue.

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