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It Could Happen Here In Fulton County

To The Editor:

In the Fulton County News of May 31, 2018, there appeared an article about a community being taken hostage by a gigantic bovine “finishing barn” in Berwick, Pa. These folks have been fighting this operation because of the environmental effects ever since it was built and operational.

The amount of toxic fumes and horrific odor that it produces is unbearable claim numerous residents. Local residents say “they’re forced indoors when the breeze carries the odor their way, unable to mow the lawn, tend the garden or use the pool. They can’t even open their windows or hang their wash out to dry.”

Fulton County residents need to realize this kind of situation could happen here if the Bivouac Hog Farm is allowed to be built just six miles south of Mc- Connellsburg within the Big Cove Creek watershed. This one, if built, will be worse with 8,700 breeding hogs, plus piglets producing more odors and can even reduce our springs and streams to mere trickles, when over 11 million gallons of water are taken out of the aquifier.

A legal “stay” is in effect. Permits have not been finalized by officials in Harrisburg. We still have a good chance to make this potentially ecological disaster go away.

Fulton County citizens should contact their state representatives, county commissioners and any other authorities and protest to keep this from even being built. This factory farm has no right to ruin our area and cause individuals to suffer from the dreaded effects of this environment nightmare.

If this hog factory is approved and built, many more will follow, and our county will be devastated.

The Berwick community residents have not given up their fight even though the operation was built before they knew what the negative impact would be. Here we have an advantage: this proposed hog operation has not yet been built. So let’s get serious about this and make some noise and let our representatives know that we will not stand for this operation to go forward.

We want to keep our clean air, clean water and keep our property values as they are and not reduced by at least 40 percent. We all love and appreciate our rural beauty here in the county and we want to keep it.

David and Mona Lippert
Members, Big Cove
Creek Watershed Alliance

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