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Southern Fulton Finalizes Budget

By Cassidy Pittman

At its monthly meeting held June 19 the Southern Fulton School District gave final approval to the 2018-19 school year budget totaling $12,525,021. Taxes were set as follows: real estate taxes – 26.30133760 mills; Section 679 per-capita taxes – $5, Act 511 per-capita taxes – $5, earned income tax – 1 percent; and real estate transfer tax – 1 percent.

The school board also approved the elementary student handbook and the high school student handbook.


The school board accepted, with regret, a letter of resignation from Judy Schriver as high school chemistry/physics teacher effective immediately. Other letters of resignation accepted were from Charles Conley, junior high assistant baseball coach, effective immediately; Pamela Rebosky, food service employee, effective Sept. 10; and Connie Mellott, assistant business manager, effective Aug. 17.

Henry McKenzie was hired as a high school chemistry/physics teacher for the 2018-19 school year. Also hired was Jon Diffenderfer as the K-6 dean of students, and Rodney Leese was approved as a paid scholastic scrimmage adviser-volunteer. Ben Arnold was approved as a half-time mentor for Anita Bynum, half-time music teacher, prorated and retroactive from her start date for the 2017-18 school year.

In sports, Charles Conley was approved to be an unpaid volunteer junior high and varsity assistant baseball coach. Brett Foor was hired as a game manager and Hervey Hann as a paid volunteer varsity boys soccer coach for the 2018-19 school year pending completion of all paperwork.

Dr. Joseph Wolfe was approved as the school dentist at a rate of 80 cents per student, and Tri-State Community Health Center was approved as the school’s doctor at no charge per student for the 2018-19 school year.

The following substitutes were approved:

Teachers: Adrianne Gregory, Terry Diehl, Kay Bradshaw, Cherish Harvey, Jenna Hollenshead, Jamie Burger, Daniel Leese, Mike Shade, Carolyn Stermer, Louise Strait, Courtney Schriever, Joan Mellott, Emily Smallwood, Gloria Hurney, Sherry Northcraft, Richard Trainor, Terry Shade, Sonya Weaver.

Teacher’s aides: Louise Strait, Shonda Price, Shannon Pittman, Carrie McAllister, Jamie Burger, Macy Crouse, Donna Beale, and Sherry DeShong.

Secretary: Shonda Price, Sherry DeShong, and Carrie McAllister.

Custodial: Macy Crouse, Barbara Peck, Via Shaw, Jenna Hollenshead, Dana Myers, and Christine Weller.

Nurse: Megan Mellott, Jessica Large, Alexis Bryant, Lynn Miller, and Cassie Scott.

The board also approved the following individuals as paid and unpaid volunteer extracurricular coaches/advisers in the specified positions for the 2018-19 school year as per the professional staff contract and as recommended by the athletic director:

Kent Hendershot, athletic director; Joe Hollenshead, crosscountry head coach; Heather Hollenshead, cross-country assistant coach; Jenna Hollenshead, cross-country volunteer assistant; Hervey Hann, head boys soccer coach; Les Wilson, boys soccer junior high head coach; Drew Wink, boys soccer junior high assistant coach; Josh McKelvy, girls soccer head coach; Julie Dickerhoff, volleyball head coach; Stacy Smith, volleyball assistant coach; Candace Bard, volleyball junior high head coach; Natasha Souders, volleyball junior high assistant; Amanda Schetrompf, head cheerleading coach; Debbie Hixon, cheerleading volunteer assistant; Jeremy Hann, boys basketball head coach; Scott Varner, boys basketball assistant coach; Andie McKenzie, boys basketball junior high head coach; Terry Bard, boys basketball elementary head coach; Chris Harvey, boys basketball elementary volunteer assistant; Meagan Mellott, girls basketball head coach; Amy Fischer, girls basketball assistant coach; Brian Mottern, girls basketball junior high head coach; Harry Lanehart, girls basketball junior high assistant coach; Olivia Mottern, girls basketball junior high volunteer assistant; Adam Hoopengardner, girls basketball elementary head coach; Keith Potter, baseball head coach; Derek Younker, baseball assistant coach; Van Duncan, baseball junior high head coach; Tim Fowler, baseball volunteer assistant coach; Jeremy Clingerman, baseball volunteer assistant coach; Chuck Conley, baseball volunteer assistant coach; Melissa Mackel, softball head coach; Steph Mills, softball assistant coach; Stacy Smith, softball volunteer assistant coach; Natasha Souders, softball junior high head coach; Victoria Bernard, softball junior high assistant coach; Heather Gordon, track and field head coach; Heather Hollenshead, track and field assistant coach; Leslie Wilson, track and field assistant coach; Roland Silver, track and field assistant coach; Jenna Hollenshead, track and field junior high head coach; Joe Hollenshead, track and field junior high volunteer assistant; Chris Palmer, track and field volunteer assistant; and Jacob Silver, track and field volunteer assistant.

Game managers: Terry Shade, Wendy Ritz, Jenna Hollenshead, Angela Booth, Heather Hollenshead, Linda Bolden, Tammy Ifert, Brett Foor, and Joe Hollenshead.

Advisers: Carolyn Mottern, stage director, play adviser, and yearbook adviser; Rodney Leese, scholastic scrimmage adviser; Betsy Shingleton, prom director; Ben Arnold, vocal music director and instrumental music director; Julie Dickerhoff, Honor Society co-adviser and assistant play adviser; and Brett Foor, Honor Society co-adviser.

Building and grounds

Brian Pittman addressed the board regarding a leak in the fifth-grade wing of the elementary school. Approval was given for Southern Fulton boys basketball to use the high school gym on Sundays from September through October of 2018. The board also approved the Fulton County Library to use the elementary and/or high school library on July 12 and 26 from 10 a.m. to noon for the summer library program.

Other finance/contracts

The board approved an annual insurance premium of $120,169 that includes a commercial package (Strickler Agency), workers’ compensation, educator’s legal liability, commercial umbrella and commercial auto policy for the district.

The board also approved the proposal from Strickler Agency for student accident and athletic insurance for the 2018-19 school year through A-G Administrator’s Inc. as stated: sports (no football team), plan: $100 primary excess, coverage: $1 million benefit max. two-year benefit period with a premium of approximately $2,350.

Additional approval was given to the following: the 2018 Homestead and Farmstead Exclusion Resolution; a letter of agreement between Laurel Life and SFSD for the 2018-19 school year; a contract between M&C Lumber and SFSD for Bus Route #11; a contract between Lynda Strait and SFSD for Bus Route #6; an agreement between SFSD and Health Communities Partnership, Franklin-Fulton County MJ/ID/EI and Franklin-Fulton County Drug and Alcohol.

The board further approved moving any additional unassigned fund balance on June 30, to committed fund balance, with the amount to be determined upon completion of the 2017-18 fiscal year audit. Committed fund balance will be used for future payment of bond principal, interest payments, health insurance increases, and PSERS retirement rate increases.

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