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This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Denise Mellott of McConnellsburg, pictures the Queens of the Furrow contest Barbara Layton and Janice Crist, held July 15, 1958, and sponsored by the Fulton County Soil Conservation District. Other contestants were Betty Roher, Shirley Brant, Joanne Koontz, Myreta Hann, Ann Deshong, Esther Mellott, Leona Anderson, Linda Barnhart, Dorothy Mellott and Carol Comerer. This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Denise Mellott of McConnellsburg, pictures the Queens of the Furrow contest Barbara Layton and Janice Crist, held July 15, 1958, and sponsored by the Fulton County Soil Conservation District. Other contestants were Betty Roher, Shirley Brant, Joanne Koontz, Myreta Hann, Ann Deshong, Esther Mellott, Leona Anderson, Linda Barnhart, Dorothy Mellott and Carol Comerer. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 2, 1998


Bonnie Sipes of Harrisonville celebrated her

75th birthday on Saturday by literally throwing herself out of an airplane. The unique birthday party was attended by family and friends, at Chambersburg Airport at Aerosports Skydiving School.

It was announced this week that JNT Precision Machining Inc. has been sold to Olympic Steel, an Ohiobased company. JNT is located just west of McConnellsburg in the former auto parts building and employs a workforce of about 25.

Last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the president’s line-item veto will eventually restore $500,000 in funding for the proposed South Central Business Park to be located in Ayr Township, according to an announcement made last week.

Fulton County National Bank and Trust Co. and The First National Bank of McConnellsburg have both made $1,000 donations to help renovate Camp Sinoquipe Scout Camp near Fort Littleton, in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Scout reservation.

Deaths: Iva Decker Strait, McConnellsburg; Arthur White, Berkeley Springs; Beatrice Kline, Harrisonville; Bernard Shadle, Harrisonville; Jessie Hoover, Hustontown; Fayette Thomas, Everett; Helen Winck, Everett; Paul Park, Fort Littleton; Gabriel Coccagna, Chambersburg; Larry Barnhart Sr., Needmore; Mildred Garber, Roaring Spring; Valesta Horton, Madeira Beach, Fla.; Martha McQuade, McConnellsburg; Beatrice Cherry, Chambersburg; Reed Long, Ravenna, Ohio; Shaun Cowan, Saltillo.

Marriage licenses: Joseph Walters, Hancock, and Michelle Chalupka, Hancock; Troy Harrison, Williamson, and Kristy Robinson, McConnellsburg; Daniel Behan, Charlottesville, Va., and Kristi Kneas, Charlottesville, Va.; Jack Runk, Hustontown, and Valerie Deshong, McConnellsburg; Rodney Cutshall, Three Springs, and Cheryl Carbaugh, McConnellsburg; William Barling, Needmore, and Linda Bradshaw, Needmore; Daniel French, Greencastle, and Sarah Pierce, Greencastle; William Shives, Needmore, and Agatha Strait, Needmore; William Ross Jr., Burnt Cabins, and Georgia Kendall, Burnt Cabins; John Preston, Auburndale, Fla., and Teresa Bishop, Big Cove Tannery; Otto Boos, McConnellsburg, and Amy Seville, McConnellsburg; Brint Hess, McConnellsburg, and Diane Laufersiler, McConnellsburg; Jerris Wible, Greencastle, and Crystal Daniels, Greencastle; Martin Chilcote, Robertsdale, and Valeria Bish, Summerville.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 14, 1988


Four members of the Randy Richards family, their babysitter and a family friend visiting from York are undergoing anti-rabies treatment as a result of contact with their family dog that died suddenly on June 17. The confusion which followed the death of the family pet ultimately made it necessary for the family to take the costly anti-rabies injections as a precaution. The family believes that it could have been avoided were it not for an apparent mix-up at the laboratory. Fulton County dog law warden Tracy Miller is advising local residents that the rabies epidemic here in the county is now increasing.

County Extension Agent Don Fowler inspected feed corn in fields which have been damaged by the drought conditions. Much of the county’s feed corn has curling leaves and browned edges, indicating that it won’t survive the extremely hot and dry weather to provide livestock feed for the fall.

Marvin Kendall and Dan Cutchall have been selected to play with the Chambersburg Suburban Colt League All-Stars team in tournaments starting this Friday in Hagerstown.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George Lashley of Hancock on June 30; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Divelbliss of Hancock on July 5.

Miss Lana Kerlin and Randy Crouse were united in marriage at the United Presbyterian Church of Mc- Connellsburg. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kerlin of McConnellsburg and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Crouse of Big Cove Tannery.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Watson, Warfordsburg, announce the birth of their third child, a son, Colin Lewis, on June 15, at Washington County Hospital.

Specials at the IGA: 3-liter bottle soda, 79 cents; iceberg lettuce, 59 cents a head; Bing cherries, $1.19 lb.; all Pepsi products, $1.49, six, 12-oz. cans.

Deaths: Olive Mellott, Needmore; Olive Mort, Three Springs; Jane Souders, Mercersburg;

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 6, 1978


A rainy Fourth of July weekend kept campers in their tents at Cowans Gap State Park. The weather began to break on the Fourth, but by then it was too late for many of the visitors who had to be back at their jobs the next ay.

Mrs. Ira Bain hates snakes, having been bitten by a rattler some years ago, and she shoots every one she sees. She phoned the “News” last Wednesday with a snake story, hard to believe, but true. She saw a copperhead near her home at Wester Mill which she shot, but on closer investigation found that a large black snake was in the act of devouring the copperhead, head first.

Brenda Waltz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Waltz Jr. of Hancock, was united in marriage to Conrad James Schaefer, son of Mrs. Emma Schaefer of Falling Waters, W.Va., and the late Rev. Conrad Schaefer, former pastor of the Hancock Assembly of God Church, on June 17.

Specials at the IGA: Duncan Hines layer cakes, 57 cents each; Banquet cooking bags, 4 for $1; bananas, 19 cents lb.; bacon, 89 cents lb.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cohenour Jr., Three Springs, on June 23; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hartmire of Newburg on June 23; a daughter to Rev. and Mrs. David Hamilton of Orbisonia on June 25; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Griffith of Mc- Connellsburg on June 25.

David Bivens of Big Cove Tannery and Dawn Deshong of McConnellsburg applied for a marriage license at the local courthouse last week.

Deaths: Mrs. Ray Robinson, McConnellsburg; Clarence Johnson, Big Cove Tannery; Mabel Clark, Three Springs; Allen Booth, Warfordsburg; Joseph Shaw, Williamsburg; Marshall Hill, Hancock; Robert Glessner Sr., Chambersburg; Mrs. Gladslie Rourke, Broad Top.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 18, 1968


Employees of Sagner Inc. at the McConnellsburg plant stopped work on Wednesday morning and confusion reigned at the local clothing factory with no official, either union or company, being able or willing to give an explanation as to the cause of the wildcat strike. The workers themselves, apparently, were unaware of how the work stoppage came about. The threat of a strike has hovered over the local plant since June while negotiations over a new contract have been going on between officials of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and the Sagner Co. As the News went to press, some of the workers had left the factory premises; others were gathered at the entrance gates, but the great majority remained in the building.

Approximately 30 women members of Great Cove Golf and Recreation Club met at the clubhouse on Monday for the purpose of offering their united support of the club. A decision was made to form a women’s auxiliary and the following officers were chosen to serve on a temporary basis: Martha Conlin, president; Jean Kies, vice president; Arlene Diegelman, secretary; and Joyce Washabaugh, treasurer.

Thirty-five descendants of the Frank Madden family met at Anderson’s Grove at Maddensville July 7 for a picnic and a day’s outing.

All Pennsylvania servicemen on leave from active duty will be granted free hunting licenses, according to provisions of a legislative act signed last week by Gov. Shafer.

The 20th annual picnic and homecoming will be held at Wells Tannery Community Park July 27.

According to the latest of the bond purchases from the Treasury Department, Fulton County is currently leading the state in bond sales by a wide margin. The latest list shows that bond sales in Fulton County during the month of May totalled $10,636.

The Baptist Church in Chesire, Mass., was the scene of the marriage June 15 of Miss Susan Andrews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Andrews Sr. of Wallingford, Mass., to William Robert Alexander, son of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Alexander of McConnellsburg.

Sarah McCoy, daughter of Mrs. Lillian Gumbert of Fort Littleton and the late David Gumbert, became the bride of Franklin Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith of Saxton, on June 16.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Hoopengardner of Big Cove Tannery on July 9; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shives, Mercersburg, on July 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bennett, Mercersburg, on July 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert Stewart, Doylesburg, on July 12.

Men in Service: Army Private First Class Gerald Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith of McConnellsburg, was assigned on June 26 to the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam as a rifleman. Army Private First Class Gerald Culler, son of Mrs. Jennifer Culler, was assigned on June 29 to the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam as a crew chief.

Specials at the local IGA: IGA canned soft drinks, 12- oz. cans, 8 cents; shoulder roast, 59 cents lb.; IGA bleach, 39 cents, one gal.

Deaths: Myrtle Clingerman, Warfordsburg; Flora Deshong, Hustontown; Hester Keith, Lewistown; Mary Gluck, Hagerstown; Reuben Hann, Needmore; Thomas Hensley, Harrisonville; Alice Nace, Rising Sun, Md.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 17, 1958


Lee Seiders, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seiders of McConnellsburg, returned home this week from work camp at Cochranville where the group of campers built a prefabricated metal building for migrant workers. The group, including Lee, appeared on a TV show on Sunday.

The campaign to raise funds for a memorial portrait of the late Dr. Edgar MacKinlay has formally ended and has been declared highly successful. Sufficient funds have been donated to purchase the portrait, a frame and light, and in addition, there will be a substantial contribution for the Medical Center, plus a smaller donation to the local Cancer Society. A name plate will also be secured with the inscription: “Given By The People Of Fulton County.” The artist will require approximately six weeks for the completion of the canvas, thus present plans call for a dedication service early in September. The names of all the contributors are also printed and fill two columns of space.

One of two horses, owned by William Miller, who lives about two miles south of McConnellsburg, was hit by a car on Sunday when the animals wandered onto the highway. The driver of the car travelling south saw the horses and was able top stop. However, Walter Hess of McConnellsburg was travelling north and was blinded by the lights of the stopped car. His car hit a colt, injuring it so severely that it had to be destroyed. Damage to his car was set at $150.

A Fulton County “old-timers” picnic will be held July 27 at Creekside Park, between Waterfall and New Grenada. Arrangements for the parade are being made by M.A. Detwiler, who was born at Waterfall but now lives in Florida.

The local firemen’s parade tonight will highlight the weeklong carnival.

Dr. John Cavender of Susquehanna County is the new state commander of the Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars. The VFW convention was held last week in Pittsburgh.

State police, patrolling the 170-mile Pennsylvania Turnpike, made 2,376 arrests and issued 3,812 warnings in June. This compares with 1,418 arrests and 2,908 warnings issued last June.

Army Pfc. John Peck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Peck of Needmore, has qualified as an expert in firing the rifle at Hanau, Germany.

Neil Berkstresser, local TV repairman, was admitted to the Medical Center on Tuesday after a piece of pipe fell on him. He and his brother, Ronald, were installing a TV antenna at the Melvin Cutchall home on South Second Street when the 10-feet section of pipe came loose and fell a distance of 30 feet, striking Neil on the shoulder. The pipe fell lengthwise, striking him with the end rather than the broadside. X-rays were scheduled for Wednesday.

Bond of $17,000 has been set for the sale of real estate of the late Emma Bivens.

Inspired by Prof. Fred Lamberson, supervising principal of Forbes Road, a group of men, including Don Knepper, James Wolfe, Ray Long and John Chamberlain, have organized a Boy Scout troop in Wells Valley.

A former McConnellsburg High School soccer player, William Selser, now with the 51st Infantry of the 4th Army Division, is a member of the division’s championship soccer team which was organized at Fort Hood, Texas, and is now winning laurels overseas. Called “fussball” in Europe, the game is watched by millions each year.

Shown in this issue is a picture of Dr. Jean Johnston entertaining three members of Shippensburg College’s European culture tour at a luncheon at her home in London. Among the students pictured is Shirley Ott of Mc- Connellsburg.

Neil Harrison Watkins and Patsy Virginia Peck were married on June 28.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Rev. and Mrs. David Reams of Harrisonville on July 7; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Hornbaker of Mercersburg on July 8; a son to Mr. and Mrs. James Bishop of Knobsville on July 9 ; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carlin of Richmond Furnace on July 8.

Fulton County farmers are now combining their wheat.

Birth: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Denton Rosenberry of Burnt Cabins.

Deaths: Mrs. Alice Elsie Bowser of Fontana, Calif.; Luray Kerlin of Greencastle; Mrs. William Hamil of Knobsville; Simon Grant Morse of Warfordsburg.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 22, 1948


A pall of gloom engulfed Fulton County on Friday when it was learned that Herman B. Mellott Sr., his eldest son, Herman Jr., and two Bedford County men had been killed in a plane crash in West Virgina. Funeral services for the 48-year-old operator, contractor, lumberman and quarryman and his 24-year-old son were held on Monday, the largest funeral held in Fulton County.

John Allan Hollenshead has returned to his home at Needmore after completing a course in refrigeration at the Milwaukee Engineering School.

Nearly 1,100 cows have been signed up by 43 Fulton County dairymen in the Fulton Artificial Breeding Cooperative.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 21, 1938


Deaths: William McKinley Hampton of Mount Union; Rev. Abraham May of Crystal Spring; Amos Sipe of Logan Township, Huntingdon County; Mrs. James Morgan of Neelyton; Wayne Buterbaugh of McConnellsburg.

On Monday mornings, even young men from Fulton County enrolled as member of the Civilian Conservation Corps. They were James Dickinson of Wells Tannery; Charles Browand of New Grenada; Isaac Everts of Big Cove Tannery; William Henry of Clear Ridge; Merrill Lockard of New Grenada; Roy Regi of Fort Littleton; and George Wilds of Fort Littleton.

A birthday dinner was served last week at the home of Lewis Cook of Burnt Cabins to celebrate his 76th birthday.

Deeds were recorded in Franklin County last week for three tracts of land bought by Leslie Seylar on Tuscarora Summit. The purchase price of one was $1,000; the other two, $100 each. That same time, three deeds for Tuscarora Summit properties were recorded from Joseph Seylar to Estella Seylar for a “nominal sum.”

Omar Tice and Hildred Wagner were married July 16.

Fred Gallagher of Burnt Cabins has gone to Mechanicsburg where he has found employment.

Selected by J.D. Keefer of Windber: “I can’t see any difference between an idle church member and a do-nothing man of the world.”

90 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 19, 1928


Deaths: Mrs. Daniel Rotz of Ayr Township; John Sloan of McConnellsburg; Isaac Barton of Crystal Spring; William Faulkender of Huntingdon; W. Scott Johnson of Thompson Town- ship; Jesse Akers of Wells Tannery; Solomon Clippinger of near Fannettsburg.

Lynn Mellott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mellott of Webster Mills, is in serious condition at Hagerstown Hospital from injuries he received Saturday evening when his motorcycle was forced off the road and into a ditch. Besides bad cuts and bruises about the head an other parts of his boy, his leg was terribly crushed and it is believed that amputation may be necessary.

Austin Buckley of Crook, Colo., was drowned on Sunday while swimming in Buffalo Dam, near Crook. Austin was well known in Fulton County, his father being E.A. Buckley, a son of Judge Buckley of Fort Littleton, and his mother was Miss Doran, daughter of the late George Doran of Burnt Cabins.

Several important state roads, including the Lincoln Highway, have been designated as “thru traffic” highways. Motorists who enter them without stopping will be fined $10.

Deaths: Mrs. Peter J. Clingerman and the 2-yearold daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Clingerman, both of Buck Valley.

F.M. Lee has purchased one of the latest improvements in Buck Valley – a DeLaval cream separator.

The vicinity of Lashley was hard hit by a hailstorm last week which destroyed gardens and corn and grain fields.

Mrs. Jemima Brant was called to Huntingdon Hospital on Monday night due to the serious illness of her son, Clem C. Brant, who was moved there from the Dr. Pierce Invalids’ Home at Buffalo, N.Y.

LeRoy, little son of Mrs. Margaret Fritz of Jenners, was injured badly last week when hit by an automobile. Mrs. Fritz is a sister of Miss Alda Foreman of Burnt Cabins.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kerlin of Burnt Cabins took their son, Merrill, to Everett last Thursday for an operation for tonsils and adenoids.

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