2018-06-28 / Letters

Praises The Camp Cadet Experience

To The Editor:

I spent June 3 through June 8, 2018, at the Pennsylvania State Police Camp Cadet. During this six-day period, I learned many things about life that I will never forget. One of those values is teamwork. At Camp Cadet one must work with your squad mates at all times. If one squad member makes a mistake, the whole squad helps and supports that squad member. Another value I learned was discipline. While I was a cadet, I was taught how to stand at attention, at ease and at rest. I was also taught the importance of being tidy and also being on schedule. Most of my fellow cadets were excited to leave the last day of camp. Although I was asked if I was happy that this was the last day of camp, I said “no.” I answered no because I enjoyed the challenge, and I liked the caring discipline the instructors and troopers showed the cadets.

I would suggest Camp Cadet to anybody who enjoys a challenge, who enjoys working with team members, learning the value of becoming a state trooper and, finally, making new friends.

Tavien Jones

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