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Ashlyn’s Angels Raises $29K

To help county families
By Cassidy Pittman

Ashlyn’s Angels has been helping raise money for those in need since 2012. Every year the nonprofit organization puts its best efforts forward to help the community, but this past fiscal year, which ran from May 1, 2017, through April 30, 2018, Ashlyn’s Angels has done its best fundraising work ever, making it possible to disburse just over $29,000.

Many Fulton County residents know about the bigger donations that have come from fundraisers such as online benefit auctions, GoFundMe pages, and in-person auctions/dinners. What most people don’t get to see, though, all the donations handled out of the public eye. These smaller donations mostly come out of the nonprofit’s general operating fund, which is what the money goes toward when 10 percent of the proceeds is taken from fundraisers. In an act of true selflessness, Ashlyn’s Angels’ earnings turn into more donations.

In celebration of their efforts, Ashlyn’s Angels shared the following financial breakdown on Facebook: May 2017 - $1,088 headstone for a young accident victim, $543.83 hotel room for a week in Harrisburg; June 2017 - $255 grocery/gas cards, $500 electric bill, $1,132 medicine, $500 gas for appointments in Hershey; July 2017 - $500 funeral expenses; August 2017 - $500 scholarship, $1,767 medical/funeral expenses, $500 scholarship, $500 scholarship; September 2017 - $500 grocery/ gas, $730 medical/gas, $730 household expenses, $2,750 medical expenses, $372 household expenses; October 2017 - $100 medical expense, $100 medical expense, $211.87 medical expense, $393.94 electric bill; $213.09 insurance donation; November/ December 2017 - $1,255.39 troops and elderly; December 2017 - $500 medical expenses; $212.57 insurance donation, $185.23 household expense, $100 groceries; $79.99 coat for a gentleman who didn’t have one, $600 medical expense; January 2018 - $125 medical expense; February 2018 - $500 fire victims; March 2018 - $2,999 medical expenses, $330 household expenses, $237.30 household expenses, $3,656.44 medical expenses; April 2018 - $500 funeral expenses, $573 fire victim, $400 replace furniture that was lost when tree fell, $3,017 funeral expenses.

These donations total (roughly) $29,157.65.

Ashlyn’s Angels, a local nonprofit spearheaded by Nancy Bivens, was created in memory of Ashyln Buterbaugh, a Forbes Road senior and class vice president who passed away in 2012. After her passing, it was Bivens who organized a benefit for the deceased’s parents that turned into a huge success. After that, the nonprofit took off and became official in April 2012.

Ashyln’s Angels is fueled by the generosity of local business owners and the kind-heartedness of the unpaid volunteers that spend hours and energy organizing benefits, auctions, and food drives for those in need. Bivens explained in an interview that all donations go to the community, which includes all of Fulton County and some neighboring areas as well.

“We really do our best to help our local families in need, and individuals too,” Bivens said. “We want to help our community.”

Ashlyn’s Angels’ newest fundraiser, which will be an online auction June 30, is for Christina and Uriah Burns of Fort Littleton, who are survivors of an accident that took place on May 25. The accident caused multiple life-threatening injuries for Uriah, 7, a student at Forbes Road Elementary School and an adventurous Boy Scout, including a broken jaw and a severe concussion. Due to the extent of his injuries, he also had to have his lungs pumped constantly for a week.

Christina, Uriah’s mother, is the founder of the nonprofit New Beginnings In Life Recovery of Fulton County, as well as the published author of “The Journey Called Life.” She has helped countless people who are working through addiction and has also spent years working through nonprofits to aid VA hospitals that need mental health professionals. During the accident Burns received serious injuries to her brain, face and legs, as well as her right arm. She received multiple blood transfusions and had staples put into her head for an injury that is considered traumatic. More details on their fundraiser will be released by Ashlyn’s Angels once they are confirmed.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering for or donating to Ashlyn’s Angels can visit the nonprofit’s Facebook page or Web site at http://ashlynsangels.webs.com/.

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