2018-06-07 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Tom Matthews, June 14; Eric Souders, June 12; Nancy Hendershot, June 13; Westin Mellott, 9 on June 17. Polly McGarvey, June 7; McKayla Fry, Ruth Bolinger and Carrier Stermer, June 17; Cooper Mc- Garvey, June 15; Gabrielle McGarvey, 23 on June 14; Sandy Munson, June 19; Jerry Marshall, June 11; George Hann Jr. and Petie Miller, June 9; Emma Hann, June 11; David Keaton, June 18; Sid McConahy, June 12; Nancy Gress, June 3; Deacon Garland, June 11; and Kineha Lowery, 25 on June 15.

Relatives and friends attended the wedding of Bryan Burkentine and Cooper Mc- Garvey in Hagerstown on Saturday.

Sympathy go out to the folks who lost loved ones recently. Remember them in your prayers.

June 14 is Flag Day. Remember to fly the flag.

We have been having great spring weather along with rain. In fact, a flash flood warning was issued on Friday evening in our area.

Pastor Neil Ray visited Monday and Tuesday with his son recently in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Quotable Quotes: We all need each other to light our skies and chase the shadows away.

It Happened This Week: Dolly Parton married Carl Dean in 1966.

Country Shortcut: If you are making cookies and run a little short of flour simply use quick cooking oats for the rest.

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