2018-05-31 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Braylin Gelvin, May 23; Ann Shimer Seville, May 26; Nat Taylor, May 25; Denny Seville, June 10; Eric Souders,

June 12; Linda Dishong, June 13; David Glenn, June 12; Pete Rasp, June 12; Steve “Smoke” Mellott, June 10; Nancy Hendershot, June 13; Dennis Fox, June 12; Jerry Barton, May 29; Pat Rosenberry, June 10; Kathy Lake, June 11; Lindsay Randler, June 10; Casey Randler, June 6; Brent Culler, June 11; Simon Mellott, June 15; Logan Cunningham, June 2; and Phyllis Harris, twin of Phil Harris, 59 on June 5.

Some folks of this area helped Dorothy Harr Potter celebrate her 80th birthday last Saturday at Trinity Lutheran Church. .

Churches in the county are holding their annual Bible Schools now.

The area high school graduations will be held this week.

An ice cream festival was held Saturday at Center Community building.

A memorial homecoming was held Sunday at Antioch Church

The county observed the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our nation on Monday, Memorial Day.

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