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County Primary Election Results

By Cassidy Pittman

John Joyce John Joyce Last Tuesday Fulton County had 2,042 voters who made their way to the polling places to cast their votes for the 2018 Primary Election. Their votes have now determined who has made it to the November election for U.S. Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, District 13 Congress, Representative in General Assembly, Senator in General Assembly, and local committee and township seats. See county versus state results below.

The state results

The U.S. Senate seat revealed Bob Casey, Democrat, running uncontested, with Lou Baretta leading the Republican side at 63.1 percent. Tom Wolf, current Democrat governor also ran uncontested, with Scott Wagner leading the Republican side with 44.3 percent of the vote. Democrat Brent Ottaway also ran uncontested in his race for the 13th District Congressional seat, with John Joyce leading the Republic side at 21.9 percent. John Fetterman will lead the Democrats in the lieutenant governor race with 37.5 percent of the vote, and Jeff Bartos will lead the Republican side at 46.8 percent.

Doug Mastriano Doug Mastriano The results can be seen at www.ballotopia.org.

The county results

Fulton County’s official results have yet to be released, but these are the unofficial election night results reported by Fulton County Director of Election and Voter Registration Karen Hann McFadden.

Bob Casey, Democrat, had 96.4 percent of the vote, with 13 write-in votes for others, while Jim Christiana, Republican, led the county vote at 55.66 percent. Lou Barletta fell behind him in the county at 43.72 percent.

Democrat, Governor, and incumbent Tom Wolf came in with 93.98 percent of the Democratic vote, and 6.02 percent going to write-in candidates. Scott Wagner took the Republican lead in the county at 57.79 percent.

John Fetterman, Democrat, took the lead in both state and county for lieutenant governor, coming in at the county level at 41.31 percent. Jeff Bartos, Republican, will take the lead on the GOP side at 52.08 percent.

Congressional District 13 results show Brent Ottaway, Democrat, with 92.98 percent of the county’s Democratic votes, with 7.02 percent going to write-ins. Although John Joyce got the state vote, Doug Mastriano led the county’s Republican vote at 36.58 percent. Current Sen. John Eichelberger came in behind him at 28.41 percent.

Senator in General Assembly results shows Emily Best, Democrat, with 97.91 percent and only 2.09 percent going to write-in candidates. Judy Ward beat out Daniel Kiss for the Republican vote with 49.76 percent of the vote, giving her a total of 74.78 percent.

Representative in General Assembly for the 78th District results shows Deb Baughman running unopposed for the Democratic vote, with 97.91 percent going to her and only 3.01 percent going to write-in votes. State Rep. Jesse Topper also ran unopposed on the Republican side, coming in with 99.14 percent of the vote, and only .86 percent going to write- ins.

Stanley Kerlin secured a spot on the November ballot of Republican state committeeperson, taking 98.75 percent of the vote. David Gourley will appear on the November ballot for member of the Democratic State Committee, with 98.33 percent of the vote.

The results can be seen at co.fulton. pa.us/election- results. php.

The township results

The following people will appear on November’s ballot for township committeeperson seats: Ayr - Kathleen Hendricks (D), Jack Hendricks (D); Licking Creek - Robert Messick (R); Mc- Connellsburg Borough - Wilda Charlene Gordon (D)

Taylor - Donald Rosenberger (D), Karen Rosenberger (D); Thompson - Carolyn Kilgerman (D), Lester Litton (D); and Todd Township - Betty Shelley (D), Verna Petty-John (D).

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