2018-04-12 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Denise Sebring, April 5; Anita Bishop, April 6; Roger Skvarka, April 19; Stuart Fletcher, April 19; Kayla Shives, 20 on April 15; Helen “Duck” Sheeder, April 20; Delores Christian, April 20; and Ken Reeder, April 5.

Dr. Martin Luther King was killed 50 years ago on April 4.

Remember in your prayers those who are ill and the folks who have lost their loved ones.

Spring is here, although the weather still feels rather cold. Some flowers have started to bloom.

The All-Sports Hall of Fame banquet was held Friday night.

Open Mic Night was held Monday night at Mc- Connellsburg Senior Center.

The Farm Women met Thursday in the home of Betty Daniels.

Knobsville Singles met Monday at Knobsville Church of the Brethren for a covered-dish meal.

The girls of the Class of 1957 enjoyed lunch together last Tuesday.

It Happened This Week: American engineer Martin Cooper made the first cellphone call in 1973.

Quotable Quotes: “The sun has a sinking spell every evening, but it comes back up every morning.”

Country Shortcuts: No more wasting time trying to peel off labels. Blasting them with hot air from a hair dryer loosens the glue, making them removable in a cinch.

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