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Farm Bureau Grateful To All!

To The Editor:

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has recently concluded its annual commemoration of the “Farmers Care Event,” which is coordinated with the “gathering” of food, household items and monetary donations for a very, very worthy cause.

Fulton County Farm Bureau’s item drive is delivered to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, Pa. That was done February 21, along with other county farm bureaus that surround the Hershey Complex.

We (Fulton) were privileged to present $4,488.18 in monetary donations and other items necessary to the operation of the house to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation. The program, which began 18 years ago to raise funds for the RMH facilities through the PA Farm Bureau, has raised $1,111,501.78 from caring communities just like our own. Thank you, Fulton County!

So, a big thank-you to all who contributed a few pennies to several hundred dollars – churches, businesses, Scouts, the FFA and civic organizations – also to those who offered their businesses as drop-off sites, as well as those who gave counter space for the collection jars. You are great!

The Hershey Ronald McDonald House is a magnificent facility that offers a home away from home when the need for caring staff and shelter is greatest in the lives of many. While there, we talked with a lady from the state of Texas whose daughter had a rare disease and was being treated at Hershey Medical Center. Her story was sad to hear, but she was so appreciative of the RMH facility that provided her a secure place to live while away from her home.

Just a note: Most of the work that goes on at the RMH facility is done by a volunteer staff. They are so worthy of our appreciation as well.

The Fulton County Farm Bureau is so grateful to so many in this county for your continued support of this very functional and much-needed “place” to call home.

Much appreciation goes to our county coordinator Donna Lynch for taking on this task.

Thank you.
Marlin Lynch, President
Fulton Co. Farm Bureau

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