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All-Sports Hall Of Fame Welcomes John Glazier

By Cassidy Pittman STAFF WRITER

For his incredible athletic talent and philanthropic attributes, John Glazier of McConnellsburg will be inducted into the 2018 Fulton County All-Sports Hall of Fame. For his incredible athletic talent and philanthropic attributes, John Glazier of McConnellsburg will be inducted into the 2018 Fulton County All-Sports Hall of Fame. After decades of being an avid sports player and enthusiast, successful businessman and proud father John Glazier will be inducted into the 2018 Fulton County All-Sports Hall of Fame.

With a father that often worked until 9 p.m. most weekdays and a mother who dedicated her time to teaching, Glazier was often left to his own devices as a teen. It was during this time that he found himself wandering back to the old gym (today’s Alumni Building) and shooting hoops, running the track, or kicking around a soccer ball. It wasn’t long at all before his competitive side shone through and coaches noticed his natural talent with sports.

Having youthful energy and a competitive streak, Glazier soon found himself on the Mc- Connellsburg High School (MHS) basketball team, soccer team, and baseball team, and the track and field team. Highlights of his MHS sports career include being on the ‘Blue Devils’ basketball team in 1953, when McConnellsburg won the playoffs 57-36 against Wardfordsburg, as well as being on the boys track team in 1953, when McConnellsburg won the Somerset District Meet. From this meet Glazier took home a gold medal in pole vaulting, clearing more than 11 feet.

Then, in 1954, he competed in basketball (as co-captain), soccer, track, and baseball, as well as the dancing club. Shortly after his high school graduation, Glazier went into the Navy and was assigned to Company 178, 26th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, and completed his service just one day before his 21st birthday. From there he went to Elizabethtown College to visit a friend who was on the college’s soccer team. One day, a month before classes were supposed to start, Glazier attended his friend’s soccer practice and began to get to know the team and coach. It wasn’t too long before he was practicing with them. By the beginning of the semester, he had a soccer and a baseball scholarship, as well as his GI bill to pay for school.

That didn’t stop him from work though. In between classes, practices, and games, Glazier worked for the college’s athletic department drawing lines on the sports fields before games or meets. On the weekends he worked at a local fruit stand selling produce. In 1960 Glazier was part of the first Elizabethtown College soccer team to win a national championship. Because of his team’s outstanding talent and sportsmanship, they were inducted into the Elizabethtown

College’s Ira R. Herr Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000.

After graduating college in 1961, Glazier began looking for work and found it with Dun & Bradstreet, a credit report company. Although he started in the reporting side of the business, he quickly found he had a knack for sales and was moved, and then quickly promoted to sales manager. Glazier was relocated by the company several times, going from Harrisburg to Virginia, from Virginia to Philadelphia, and then finally to Chicago. It was during his time in the Windy City that he decided to go into business for himself, and moved to Houston, Texas, to open a direct mail business. His business flourished right up until he sold it in 1990, when he decided to move his family back to Fulton County. It was then that he started G&P Distributors.

Upon his return home, Glazier began to work with the local sports teams as a coach, and even started a ’50 and older’ basketball league. However, due to the amount of people that wanted to play, it soon became open to younger basketball enthusiasts. He recalls the four years of the league as being extremely fun, and unofficially coined it the ‘old-timers’ league.’ He also particularly enjoyed working with the Mc- Connellsburg fifth- and sixth-grade traveling basketball team during the years his son, Russell, played. As a matter of fact, Glazier could be spotted at nearly every sporting event that his son, who is also an incredible athlete, participated in.

Along with his league and his coaching, Glazier also became a philanthropist. His donations paid for the ‘hotshot’ basketball machine, the 1,000-point basketball banners, and the individual 1,000-point awards that were handed out to talented youth basketball players that were able to score 1,000 or more points during their time on the MHS basketball team.

When asked how sports became so important to him, he responded with:

“The old alumni gym became a favorite place of mine as a kid. I have some of my fondest memories there. And, of course, the people. Kathy Kendall was a huge inspiration to me as well as my son. She always pushes for the best. David Hoover was a big influence on me as well. He knew everything about Fulton County and sports, and he wanted everyone to be able to play and participate. And then there was Audrey Hall. She was another great motivator.”

When asked what his favorite sport was, he smiled, as if remembering the feeling of being on the field.

“Soccer. Soccer is important because of the team mentality it creates. This community has had some great athletes come out it and most of them were engaged in soccer, or at least some sport. In my opinion, soccer is the backbone of our community. If I could be an inspiration to anyone, l would inspire them to take up soccer.”

To honor Glazier and all the other inductees, the Mc- Connellsburg Alumni and Friends Association is inviting everyone in the community to the 3rd Fulton County All- Sports Hall of Fame Banquet and Presentation. The dinner will be held in the McConnellsburg Alumni Community Building on April 6 at 6 p.m. Ticket prices are $25 per person or $200 for a table of eight and can be purchased at F&M Trust, Community State Bank in Mc- Connellsburg, Snyder’s Insurance Agency or by contacting Kathy Kendall at 717- 377-3643.

The event is sponsored by the McConnellsburg Alumni and Friends Association.

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