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Representative Jesse Topper Announces Re-election Bid

Pledges to continue to protect taxpayers and to represent strong conservative values

Rep. Jesse Topper Rep. Jesse Topper BEDFORD, PA – State Rep. Jesse Topper announced Monday his bid for re-election to the Pennsylvania House of Representative in the 78th District. He is seeking the Republican nomination in the May primary election. The district includes parts of Bedford and Franklin counties, and all of Fulton County.

“It has been an honor to serve the citizens of the 78th District over the past five years,” said Rep. Topper. “I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish during that time, but I also believe there is much more work that needs to be done, which is why I am running for re-election.”

Topper is a strong conservative voice in Harrisburg, and has honored his promise to protect taxpayers, promote good-paying jobs and uphold our values. During the budget standoffs, he took a common sense approach to help deliver a balanced budget that held the line on taxes, and controlled spending because he wants local residents to keep more of their hard-earned money.

“We must continue to bring down the cost of government programs or we will never be able to get our fiscal house in order,” said Topper. “This commonwealth will not be able to sustain massive tax increases to pay for growing government programs. We must reduce the size and scope of many of these programs, and enact public policies that grow our economy and attract jobs to Pennsylvania.”

A leader for rural Pennsylvania in the State House, Rep. Topper has had two pieces of legislation recently signed into law. His legislation to improve access to telemedicine across the commonwealth will benefit rural communities that have fewer healthcare options. The other bill he sponsored that became law, expands the Newborn Protection Act to include fire stations, police stations and other emergency service providers as designated locations where infants can be safely and legally placed in care so that they are not abandoned.

“The work on these pieces of legislation are good examples of issues where we were able to work together, across the aisle, on good public policy,” said Topper. “I was very pleased that we could put politics aside in order to increase access to healthcare, and provide more protections for newborns and their parents who are in desperate situations.”

Topper has also been at the forefront of the effort to reform state government. He was part of the negotiations that led to the strongest reforms of the state’s depleted pension system in years. He also supported bipartisan welfare reforms to cut waste, fraud and abuse. These efforts will save state taxpayers millions of dollars, and will ensure that help is directed to those most in need.

“I’ll continue to work to bring more accountability and transparency to state government in order to hold the line on taxes, control spending and force government to run more efficiently,” Topper said. “We must stay strong in our efforts to protect taxpayers.”

Rep. Topper believes that representing the needs of his constituents in Harrisburg is an important part of his job, but he also knows serving local residents here at home is a top priority. As state representative, he has always worked to provide his constituents with the very best community outreach services possible.

“I’ve worked hard to be accessible and responsive to the needs of my constituents,” said Topper. “I maintain convenient office locations and hours, and provide satellite locations across the district to better serve residents. I host senior informational expos; anti-fraud and theft prevention seminars; concealed carry seminars; and provide help to seniors in completing property tax and rent rebate forms. My goal has been to make my office a resource center for our community, and to ensure that this district remains a great place to live.”

Topper continues his work on a package of bills that will assist in transitioning veterans back into the workforce, particularly in the healthcare field. The focus of the legislation is for combat medic training to count toward civilian requirements in the emergency services field and the healthcare community. One part of that package has already passed the House of Representatives.

“As state representative, I will never forget my top priority is to be a strong voice for the values of hard work and personal accountability that have made central Pennsylvania a great place to live, work and raise our families,” Topper said. “That’s why I’ll continue to always put people before politics.”

Topper currently serves on the House Judiciary, Liquor, Health and Labor and Industry committees. He is also a deputy whip and a deputy policy chair within the House.

He is a lifelong resident of Bedford County and lives in Bedford with his wife and two sons.

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