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Love & Tea, A Fulton County Valentine

By Cassidy Pittman

Love and tea brew together as Tickle Your Fancy celebrates Valentine’s Day with a love letter writing contest. Love and tea brew together as Tickle Your Fancy celebrates Valentine’s Day with a love letter writing contest. In honor of Valentine’s Day and Creative Romance Month, McConnellsburg business owner Lin Henry held a love letter writing contest at her shop, Tickle Your Fancy. The idea was to have people nominate a person they love, in a romantic way or otherwise, and explain why they are so lovable. As a reward, the best love letter writer won a basket filled with teas and gourmet treats.

The event was meant to be fun while inspiring couples and families who celebrate Valentine’s Day to be loving, even through the worst of times. And, of course, to drink tea. Coincidentally, some teas actually release similar chemicals in the brain as falling in love does!

Though it’s not scientifically founded, February is often considered the most-depressive time of the year. As the month dangles between the cusp of spring and end of winter, temperatures are often at an alltime low and days are short and grey, with little sunshine. Those struggling with physical health or depression issues are often crankier and edgier than usual at this time, and in need of patience, kindness, and love.

When a person feels in love, their brain floods with chemicals such as dopamine, cortisol, oxytocin and serotonin that make the mind and body feel ‘positive’ and ‘happy’, according to a Harvard University study. These chemicals are known to increase heart health, relieve stress, and ease physical and emotional pain. A similar reaction occurs when a person drinks green tea.

Green tea has been found to release similar chemicals such as thiamine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and dopamine. These chemicals are known to relieve stress, calm the brain, and boost positive moods.

As many know, however, love cannot survive on tea alone. Just like the crops that grow in our fields, relationships must be cultivated, cared for. Conversation, respect, and consensual touching allow relationships to be nurtured for longer periods of time, allowing a constant release of ‘feel good’ chemicals. And if you’re not into that kind of stuff, there’s always coffee.

Along with Tickle Your Fancy, the Fulton County Library is also spreading the love by selling bags of romance novels for just $1. Lucky bags also have hidden coupons for the library’s book store or free DVD rentals.

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