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This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Ruth Reeder of McConnellsburg, pictures the children of Luther and Sophia Houck Gordon. Left: Ken Gordon, Velma Lake, Mary Richards, Margaret Paylor and Roy Gordon. It was taken at the legion picnic gorunds in 1987. This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Ruth Reeder of McConnellsburg, pictures the children of Luther and Sophia Houck Gordon. Left: Ken Gordon, Velma Lake, Mary Richards, Margaret Paylor and Roy Gordon. It was taken at the legion picnic gorunds in 1987. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 20, 1997


In a courtroom brimming with emotional spectators last Friday, a judge sentenced Brenda Lee Downin to serve 6 1/2 years in the Muncy State Correctional Institution. Sentence was handed down following Downin’s guilty plea last month on two charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and to charges of homicide by vehicle. The charges stemmed from a June 1997 accident that took the lives of Max and Judy Fraker of Fort Littleton.

Fulton County Medical Center officials announced healthy statistics in every category but one on Monday night as the annual corporation meeting was convened. The only bad news for the evening was the fact that the center posted a net income loss of $158,000 for the year ended June 20, 1997. Good news was that it also posted a record number of patient admissions (1,147); more births than any year since 1992-93 (109); a sharp increase in surgeries (712); a nearly 1,000-patient increase in emergency room visits (8,230) and a whopping increase in laboratory procedures (65,502, up for 56,050 in 1995-96).

Fulton County Job and Career Center opened November 1 in a ribbon-cutting ceremony in back of the former Dinner Theatre on Lincoln Way West in Mc- Connellsburg.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dedicated a new $1.5 million chapel addition to the Hancock ward November 16.

Joe Ramsey 79, Wells Tannery, bagged a 30-pound gobbler near his home in Wells Tannery. The bird sported an 11-inch beard.

Deaths: Anthony Schepis, Harrisonville; Clark Rosenberry, Fayetteville; Bertie Mellott, McConnellsburg; Eugene Dumer, Waterfall; Rankin E. Mellott, Harrisonville; Edna V. Kling, McConellsburg.

Robert and Joanna (Daniels) Sain announce the birth of a son, Isaac, November 8 at Chambersburg Hospital.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 3, 1987


Pennsylvania Game Commission officials reported a “very busy but routine” opening of buck season in Fulton County. About 300 buck were killed in the county on the first day. The largest rack reported was a 10-point killed in the Wells Tannery area.

Mike Bowser, who was seriously injured in a recent construction site accident, is recuperating at the home of his mother and stepfather, Sarah and John Zeckman.

The Fulton County Commissioners Tuesday tentatively adopted a new 1988 county budget which calls for no hike in real estate or other taxes.

Ralph Mellott of Hustontown shot a black bear while hunting in Lycoming County on November 24. The hog-nosed bear “dressed out” at 372 pounds.

Gary and Sharon Daniels of Harrisonville announce the engagement of their daughter, Paula L. to Joseph Garlock Jr., son of Joe and Sandra Garlock of McConnellsburg.

Specials at the IGA: pork butt roast, $1.09 lb.; ground beef, $1.30 lb.; bananas, 2 cents lb.; Betty Crocker cake mixes, 69 cents; shrimp, $19.90, 5-lb. box.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Deshong,McConnellsburg, November 21; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sipes, Hustontown, November 22.

Deaths: Harry Bivens, Big Cove Tannery; Thelma Sheeder, Lewistown; Catherine Polk, Chambersburg; Clyde Schetrompf, Warfordsburg; Howard Fisher, Fort Loudon.

Tammy Morgan of McConnellsburg and Robert Soop of Harrisburg were united in marriage at the United Methodist Church in McConnellsburg on August 29. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan of McConnellsburg and Joan Soop of Harrisburg and William Soop of Mechanicsburg.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 1, 1977


The sale of the Fulton Theatre to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Arnold this week ends over a half century of ownership by the Lodge family. In the early 1920s the late W. Mark Lodge had the foresight to construct a theatre in McConnellsburg. From Peter Morgan, he purchased two tracts of land on North Second Street north of the present Fulton County National Bank on which were located a barn and the Mc- Connellsburg Water Co. building. These were removed and a brick structure was erected. Electric lights were not installed in the borough until November 1923, so electricity was generated by a Delco plant to operate the projectors and to furnish the lighting for the theatre. On June 21, 1921, the theatre was opened with the showing of the silent movie “Other Men’s Shoes.” After the burning of the high school in 1922, school plays and graduations were held in the theatre. When the Methodist Church was demolished for the construction of the new building in 1924, church was held there. Other uses of the theatre included music lessons and a dance class. Mr. Lodge’s son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Anne Lodge, have owned and operated the theatre for the past 20 years. On account of Mr. Lodge’s health they decided to sell.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ott celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day with a family dinner at the home of their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ott.

Earl Alloway, former owner of Johnnies Motel and Diner in town, purchased the Exxon service station on East Baltimore Street in Greencastle last week.

Conditions were near perfect and the results confirm it: More than 300 deer were taken in Fulton County on Monday, more than half the average number killed during the entire season, according to official reports.

The two young children of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Richards were playing on the floor in their home on Monday morning when a careless shot fired by an unidentified hunter shattered a double thermapane window in the room in which they were playing. Luckily no one was hurt, but police are investigating what could have been a very tragic incident.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Henry on November 19; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Runk on November 19; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fischer on November 19; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Garland Large on November 20; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cromer on November 23; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Andy Park on November 27

Judy Mellott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Denver Mellott, McConnellsburg, and Peter Turpin, Salisbury, Rhodesia, were married October 22 at the United Methodist Church.

Deaths: Eugene Weller, Baltimore; Robert Hixon, Conowingo, Md.; Bessie Youse, McConnellsburg; Ladema Barnett, Three Springs; Abbie Strait, Warfordsburg; Rosa Young, Breezewood; Ralph Barnhart, Greencastle.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 14, 1967


An Ohio man was instantly killed Friday when he was struck in the temple by a bullet fired by his hunting companion, also of Mansfield.

Manuel Stansill, 32, Mansfield, Ohio, was the fatally injured man. The two men and another friend were hunting in the Clear Ridge area in the vicinity of the Sinoquipe Boy Scout Camp at the time of the fatal accident. The hunting companion, Emerson Mast, also of Mansfield, told police that, after hearing a shot, he saw a deer running along the side of the mountain. When he saw what he thought was white on the deer moving in the brush he figured it was crippled and trying to get away. He fired one shot from his .270 calibre rifle from a distance of 125 yards. The white he believed to be on the deer turned out to be the white on the shirt Sansil was wearing under his red hunting jacket, which he had removed in order to gut the deer in the woods. This was the first hunting fatality in Fulton County this year.

The music department of the Southern Fulton High School will present a Christmas concert in the school auditorium on December 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Harry Knepper of Waterfall suffered severe injuries when he fell from the haymow on his farm and was taken to Washington County Hospital.

Specials at the local A&P: chuck roast, 49 cents lb.; Eight O’clock coffee, 3-lb. bag, $1.49; swiss cheese, 79 cents lb.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morgan on December 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Helser on December 8; a son to Mr and Mrs. Larry Gantt on December 6.

Now playing at the Fulton Theatre: “The Big Mouth” starring Jerry Lewis. Coming attractions: “Tarzan and the Great River” and “Barefoot In The Park.”

Deaths: Herman Decker, McConnellsburg; Paul Stadler, Silver Spring, Md; Mary Hess, Lewistown; Bertha Horton McCoy.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 12, 1957


Mrs. Jack Kelso, Mrs. Warren Keefer and Mrs. C.M Reeder held a surprise birthday party for Miss Naomi Roetger last Thursday evening at her home. Some 20 friends and members of her Sunday School class attended.

A two-car accident near Big Cove Tannery Sunday sent all five of the passengers to the Medical Center for treatment. William Thomas, 17, Big Cove Tannery, was driving north when he started to turn left into a lane and his car was struck in the rear by another one driven by Norman Golden of Needmore. Thomas was treated at the hospital for contusions of the left shoulder and contusions and abrasion fo the face. Golden, who was on his way to the Medical Center with his father, Austin, for treatment of an asthmatic condition, suffered contusions of the chest. His father received face and right-hand lacerations. Earl Kershner, a passenger in the same car, suffered contusions of the face.

The Medical Center Auxiliary is operating a gift table at the hospital during afternoon and evening visiting hours. All proceeds will be donated to the hospital’s building fund.

Nel Palmer, well-known Warfordsburg farmer and carpenter, was instantly killed Monday morning when his truck collided with a tractor-trailer near his home on Route 522 near Warfordsburg. The trailer rig, driven by a Maryland man, had missed the turnoff for Route 16 and the driver was maneuvering his rig in an attempt to turn around on Route 522. The back portion of the rig was almost across the highway and it was at this point that the Palmer truck approached, before daylight and on a wet highway. Palmer’s pickup truck smashed into the rig and under it, killing him instantly. His injuries included a fractured skull, crushed chest and a broken right arm.

Three Fulton County youth were inducted into the armed forces at Pittsburgh on December 11. They were Stiles Duval of Crystal Spring; Dougals Shaffer of Wells Tannery; and Gary Wilson of Fort Littleton.

The Pennsylvania Electric Co. has confirmed a report that it is exploring the possibility of installing a nuclear reactor to supplement steam-manufactured electricity at its Saxton generating plant. The announcement came at a time when the world’s first nuclear power plant designed solely for commercial use was beginning its operation at Shippensport, Pa. The Saxton plant, however, would differ from that at Shippensport, in that it would be an on-and-off sort of operation, with steam power provided part of the time by atomic energy and the remainder of the time by coal dug in the Broad Top area. If Penelec’s plans are carried out, its part-time atomic plant would be a model which would be studied closely by the American Electrical Industry. More news will be forthcoming after conferences are held with equipment manufacturers and the Atomic Energy Commission.

There are few Fulton Countians who are not familiar with Berkeley Springs and the castle located near there. On Sunday, the Philadelphia Inquirer printed a short history of this building. The castle was built about 1840 by Judge S.T Soult and it was copied from an old Norman castle.

Fulton County Medical Center is one of 87 state-aided community hospitals which will receive bonus payments from the Department of Welfare for free care given in the 1955-57 biennium. The local hospital will receive $5,112.38.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Phyllis Jane Neely to James Franklin Sloan.

Roger Malot, Neil Berkstressr and Larry Barman, all students at Penn State University, spent the holidays at their homes at Hustontown.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Oakman of Harrisonville on December 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clippinger of Three Springs on December 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ward of Baltimore on December 6; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Mellott of Warfordsburg on December 8.

Deaths: Savina Anderson, one of Fulton County’s oldest residents of McConnellsburg; David Elwood Strait of Hustontown; Austin Hixon Strait of Banning, Ga.

Rev. David Hollenshead of Needmore is recuperating from a stroke which he suffered November 13.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 18, 1947


“That’s Capital,” a radio program over radio station WCHA, was broadcast from the local Pen Mar Store on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson of Baltimore have announced the birth of a daughter on December 10.

Edward Dalbey will move his jewelry store this week from the room above the Fulton Democrat to the shop formerly occupied by B. Byers, tailor.

J.E. Palmer, Fulton County’s Republican chairman, has recommended to Gov. Duff that Paul Shimer be appointed associate judge to fill the unexpired term of the late S. Logue Wink.

Robert Carmack and Arlene Querry were married December 10.

Deaths: Mrs. Harry Hamil of McConnellsburg; William Bernhard Martz of Tyrone.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 16, 1937


Deaths: James Adion Mellott of near Needmore; William Harry Keller of Hustontown; Benjamin Gordon of Thompson Township; Mrs. George Davis of Dublin Mills; Harry Herbert Bridenstine of Wells Valley.

Charles Jackson, acting commissioner of fisheries of the Department of Commerce, reports that fishermen spent $8,002,887.21 for angler’s licenses in the United States during 1935-36, an increase of $993,878.21 for the amount spent in 1934-35.

Dr. Raymond Grissinger, a native of McConnellsburg and a leading dentist of Bedford, has been elected president of the Bedford Borough School Board.

90 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 15, 1927


Deaths: Harry Clark Newman of near Hustontown; Bazil Powel, the last veteran of the

Civil War in Union Township; Mrs. Charles Newman of Waterfall; Harry Lynn Locke of Juniata.

Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Beck of Chester announce the birth of a daughter, Patricia Copeing, on October 17. Mrs. Beck was Ruth V. Peck, daughter of Mrs. Nellie Peck, formerly of McConnellsburg.

Fire of undetermined origin at the farm of Oscar Houck, north of New Grenada, on November 30, destroyed an implement shed, corncrib, hen house, hog pen, hay fodder, chickens, implements and 300 bushels of corn he had just finished hauling in that day.

George Bard and Earl Bard each bagged a deer last Thursday in the vicinity of Knobsville. Earl, who is employed in Philadelphia is visiting his brother, and killed his deer in the morning. At noon, George asked to borrow his gun, saying that he would kill one. And he did!

Nicholas Louden and Vivien Hill were married November 23.

Edward Keyser of near town butchered three porkers last Thursday that dressed more than 800 pounds.

Ted Hamil and Arthur Hull were home on furlough over the weekend from Camp Meade, Md.

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