2017-11-23 / Family

Cards Of Thanks


Thank you, Lord, for the strength you provided each day to take care of Marvin and to Martin Brown Funeral Home and those who transported his body from Martinsburg VA Community Assisted Living Wing.

Thanks to Pastor Jay Lobach for officiating and his wife, Lora June, who assisted and played piano. Thanks to the volunteer fire companies, ambulance and paramedics, all volunteers for whatever job you do. To the junior volunteers – you are needed, learn the job well and be serious about your job. Many hands get the job done. Above all, respect those above you. Listen, learn and do.

I would like to thank Mike Sellers for taking care of the sound room at the church, putting together some of Marvin’s special music at church and taping the service.

Thanks to my Dublin Mills Church family for preparing a luncheon.

The Honor Guard is a special group of people who volunteer their time to honor those who pass on before them. If you are a part of it take time to help out, especially the younger ones.

The family of Marvin DeShong says thank-you to friends and neighbors for your prayers, cards, flowers, condolences, visits, food brought to the house and many offers of help.

I thank my family for being available when I called and all of those who came to help pick him up when he fell.

In Christian Love,
Elner and family


Thank you to Dick and Bonnie Newman of Newman’s Market for your memorable display to honor all veterans.

It was impressive for it’s love and respect for those who are gone, those who still live, those still serving and those who are coming of age and willing to serve their country.

God bless all of you and to the rest of us may we be willing to do whatever we can to make peace in our time. A-men.


A special thank-you to my great- aunt Alice Cutchall for making my costume (Interplanet Janet) for the Schoolhouse Rock musical.

Rogue Skiles

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