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Boro Won’t Raise Taxes

PMCA to assist in tidying up town
By Cassidy Pittman

Borough Council members met last Wednesday night at their monthly meeting to talk about taxes, the proposed 2018 budget, borough cleanliness and Christmas lights.

Council approved an ordinance to set 2018 taxes at the 2017 rates of 6 mills on real estate in the borough, occupation taxes at 20 mills and $5 per-capita tax. Borough taxpayers also pay a 0.5 percent real estate transfer tax and a 0.5 percent wage tax.

Council members also voted to approve a tentative budget for 2018 that calls for $328,418 in expenditures to be offset by $793,919 in anticipated revenues and investments. The 2018 budget will be finalized at council’s December meeting.

A discussion about the borough’s appearance and cleanness and the ordinances in place that could assist in preventing public eyesores took place. As a result, council approved Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance Officer Clem Malot to issue warnings and take necessary steps to keep properties in compliance with borough ordinances.

In addition to improving the overall aesthetic beauty of the borough, the council also agreed to assist the Chamber of Commerce with hanging Christmas lights downtown. Due to the excessive wear and tear of the lighted wreaths, extra prepping is needed, and the hanging process may take more time than usual.

The 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) was discussed again from the prior meeting, and taking advisement from councilmember Pat Booth, the council moved to decline the IPMC offer.

During regular business, council approved October bill in the amount of $12,546.66. Receipts for the same period were $20,450.81. Checks were written for $9,657.33, and the September balance was $69,632.45.

Borough Council members present were President Rick Buterbaugh, Pat Frazier, Adam Gress, David Washabaugh IV, secretary Jack Fields, and Mayor Michael Chilcote.

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