2017-08-17 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Jamie Lowery, August 6; Judy Shafer, August 23; Kim Waters, August 9; Lynn Waite, August 8; Diane Crouse, August 21; Michele Frinafrock, August 29; Aaron Minnier, August 24; Alyssa McConahy, August 28; Holly Stumbaugh, August 29; Wade Stermer, August 27; Pam Rohm, August 26; Dave Kerlin, August 25; Nancy Shearer, August 27; Sharon Strait, August 8; Wayne Strait, August 26; Zac Blumenthal, August 25; Rodger and Sherwin Fix, August 30; Krista Daniels, August 27; John Peck, August 26; Nancy Richards, August 13; Julie Chamberlain, August 19; Sonny Harr, August 23; Barb Weller, August 21; Marlene Savant, August 14; and Marvin Harr, August 18.

Remember the sick and those who have lost loved ones in your prayers.

Abby McGarvey attended Camp Chi Hopi last week in Morgantown, W.Va.

Mic Night was held Saturday evening at Warfordsburg senior center.

An ice cream festival was held Saturday at Siloam United Methodist Church.

The 61st Fletcher reunion was held in Buck Valley on Sunday.

Hopefully the weather is nice this week for the 97th annual Fulton County Fair.

Wanda Souders and Kay McGarvey visited with Kay’s daughter, Terri, Monday and had lunch with grandson Sam, who will be leaving for Sid-Moore College.

Quotable Quotes: Laughter is God’s sunshine.

It Happened This Week: The Pledge of Allegiance was published in 1892.

Country Shortcut: Before placing eggs in a pot to boil, pour in one teaspoon salt. The shell will come off easier and without breaking into several pieces.

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