2017-08-10 / Family

Fraker/Gobin Reunion Held

The Fraker/Gobin family reunion was held at Kenny Fraker’s Kennywood picnic grounds at Fort Littleton in July. Those attending were:

Kenny, Daphne, Denny, Linda, Brian and Tammy Fraker, Rick and Kylynne Dixon, Logan, Ashley and Analynne Fraker, Mark and Cherry Hale, Tyson, Katherine, Sawyer, Silas and Solomon Hollenbaul, Lindsey and Noah Hall, Brad, Pammy, Harley, Heidi, Michael and Maverick Strait, Julie, Alan, Randi and Arlie Knepper, all from Fort Littleton; Waneta Fraker and Rick Pepple, Hagerstown; Brice Ulsh, Waterfall; Joyce Henry, Needmore; Jack and Susan Carnes, Texas; Rick Fraker, Florida; Victor and Evelyn Gobin, Vickie Gordon, Holly and Bristol Stombaugh, all from McConnellsburg; Dick and Betty Fore, New Jersey; Gary Fore, California; John and Jordan Fraker, Harrisburg; Richard and Ann Gobin, Carlisle; Barbara Fore, Virginia; Jackie, Jeff, Tim, Chris and Kelly Fore, Chambersburg; Brandy and Brandon Kohen, Keaterine Jackson, Chambersburg; Jason, Breanne, Parker and Peighton hall, Orrstown; Shanna, Brice and Lacee Fore and friend, Chambersburg; Zack Fore and Casey Lehman, Jake, Shalee, Brayden, Jacob and Jaelee, Chambersburg; Matt Hale, St. Thomas; Leanne Paugh, York; and Karen Grissinger, Maddensville. Brian and Tammy Fraker were in charge of the games.

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