2017-07-13 / Letters

Music Education In Jeopardy At SF

To The Editor:

At their May meeting, the Southern Fulton School informed those in attendance that an ad would be placed in local papers for a part-time music educator. No explanation was given.

Studies have shown positive links between music and academic achievement. Music programs help students develop a broad range of skills, such as improved reading, math and science skills and also develop positive character traits. To see many other benefits go to www.broaderminded.com.

The board is expecting one educator to fulfill all the responsibilities that two educators have done in the past. This will be impossible and the students that will suffer and be cheated most will be the elementary students. One teacher will not be able to schedule band and choral music at both schools as well s direct the extracurricular activities of the band and chorus and not have the music eduction suffer. From the Southern Fulton School Board news reported in the Fulton County News on June 29, the board voted to approve 43, (Yes, you read right, 43!) individuals as paid and unpaid coaches/advisors for the sports program. This does not even include eight positions that still need to be filled.

What message are we giving our students? There are many students interested in music, evidenced by the number that were at the May meeting. We are asking parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, students and neighbors to again attend the July board meeting on Tuesday, July 18, at 7:30 p.m. at the high school. Make your voices heard. Don’t let our students be cheated out of their music education.

Darl and Dorothy Hixon

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