2017-05-18 / Letters

Thanks For Nothing, Rep. Shuster!

To The Editor,

This is to laud our representative in the U.S. House of Representatives for his courageous vote to repeal the blight that was Obamacare. With this daring move, Bill Shuster has put 24 million Americans at risk of losing their health insurance and most assuredly condemned those with pre-existing conditions to be priced out of the market. (Know anyone with diabetes or high blood pressure, for instance?)

Mr. Shuster won’t have to worry about his own healthcare, that’s covered by the taxpayers. Not the wealthy taxpayers, though, they’re due for a big reduction in taxes as soon as the president signs this abomination of a law. Oh, and he’ll get a nice new deduction too.

Way to go, you fine representatives of the people.

Philip Edwards

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