2017-05-18 / Family

Cards Of Thanks


A couple of months ago, on February 5, my husband and I experienced the knowledge and efficiency of the emergency room staff at our local hospital. Gregg and I had been home from church about an hour when he started experiencing chest pain. The pain intensified so we rushed him to the emergency room of the Fulton County Medical Center.

I pulled up in front of the hospital, jumped out of the car with Gregg right behind me. Once inside the emergency room, I said, “I think my husband is having a heart attack.” Dr. Mckenzie immediately took action. In minutes Gregg was hooked up to machines and it was determined that he was, indeed, having a heart attack. Dr. Mckenzie began giving orders for blood thinners, medications for pain, etc., while making preparations to send Gregg to Harrisburg. Shortly after our arrival at the FCMC, Gregg was transported via helicopter to Pinnacle Health in Harrisburg where the staff had been alerted to his condition. When Gregg arrived there only 20 minutes after leaving the FCMC, a “swarm” of medical staff took over.

Gregg had three blockages in his heart but is now on the road to recovery.

We first want to thank God for His “perfect timing.” And we want to thank Dr. McKenzie and the staff whose quick action helped to save Gregg’s life. We will be forever grateful.

Gregg and Lois Souders


Thank you to everyone in the community who donated items, helped with the event or came out to support the families at the benefit for Chad Strait and David Welsh.

Hilary Weller

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