2017-04-20 / Front Page

State Warns Of Possible Rabid Ferret In County


The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a warning Monday to Fulton County residents about a potentially rabid ferret in the Hustontown area.

The black and white ferret bit one person and might have bitten two others since April 12, according to a health department news release.

One person received medical attention for a bite, the release said.

A woman and man also were seen handling the animal, the agency said.

The woman was described as being in her mid-20s with blonde hair. She was seen riding or driving in a black van.

The man was described as being in his mid-20s and having multiple piercings.

The aggressive animal has been spotted near a single-lane bridge along Cherry Lane, just south of Hustontown.

Anyone who sees the animal should not approach or try to capture it, but instead call the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 814-643-1831.

Anyone who may have been exposed to the ferret’s saliva, fluids or tissue may call the Fulton County State Health Center at 717-485-5137 or 1-877-PAHEALTH.

Those who were bitten, scratched or believe bodily fluids entered their bodies should seek immediate medical attention.

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