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Gym Class Heros Win Benefit Dodge Ball

Pictured is the Gym Class Heroes team, winners of the dodgeball tournament.Pictured is the Gym Class Heroes team, winners of the dodgeball tournament.
On Sunday, March 5, at the alumni community gym, 76 heroes of all ages came to support the Shane Spiegle family. There were 13 teams that played and had fun all day. Crystal and Jeff Glenn ran the elementary gym and Central Fulton School District allowed the use of the elementary gym. With both gyms busy the players got to play a ot of games. Results are as follows:

First: Gym Class Heroes – Devon Divens, Taysean Foster, Austin Swisher, Xavier Buterbaugh, Logan Little, Blaze Donelson and Vijay Messan; second place: Team Savage – JJ Villalobos, Jordan Villalobos, Dakota Singer, RJ Villalobos, Montgomery Kious and Isaiah Rife; third: Company 56 – Levi Crouse, Dennis Seville, Matt Pittman, Neil Crouse, Cody Lynch and Jamie Connelly; fourth: Swishers – Kalin Brown, Slade Speigle, Cole Brubaker, Aiden Villalobos, Gage Coy and Jared Johnson; fifth: Tie Dye Tigers – Charisma Sudol, Lainnie Glenn, Brianna Kylor, Kylie Brown, Nicole Treml and Libby Skiles; sixth: Red Roosters – Hoyt Glenn, Xavier Buterbaugh, Hayden Schetromph, Jacob Hann, Lane Skiles and Zeb Henry; seventh: Purple Dreads – Sarah Gingerich, Sar McCray, Raina McCray, Grace Mosemann, Ryan McCray, Cam McCray and Teagan Mc- Cray; eighth: Cheetahs – Essence Robinson, Mariah Christy, Nick Rosenberry, Madison Rosenberry, Daniel Kendall and Kole Kendall; ninth: Hillbilly Hot Spot, One Stop Construction – Ross DeShong, Seth Gouak, Brandon Gosnell, Billy Trail, Logan Trail and Tyler Trail; 10th: Knights – Henry Hershey, Drake Hershey, Skyler Speigle, Jesse Sheeder, Brittany Henderson and Gavin Labar; 11th: Kingdoms – Phillip Rotz, Rylan Daniles, Orray Wilson and Ronnit Smith; 12th: GranAnimals – Mindi Graham, Emma Graham, Rachel Graham, Jesse Graham, John Graham and Chad Souders; 13th: Jems – Drake Spoonhour, Avrie Spoonhour, Katie Kotmair and Kelly Kotmair.

Together these teams raised $908 to help the Speigle family.

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