2016-11-17 / Obituaries

In Memory


In memory of Andy Walter Andrew Rasp, February 5, 1977 – November 16, 2014:

It’s been two years now since we’ve seen your smile and heard your laughter.

No day goes by that we don’t wish for you to still be here .

We know you are safe and happy which keeps us going.

Our lives have continued on, but the hole in our heart will never heal.

Our memories are priceless and our love for you is never-ending.

Mom, Dad,
Clay and Tantric


In memory of Faye Louise Sipes, November 23, 1934 – May 10, 2016:

You passed away this year to go to a better place.

So I wanted to wish you a very nice birthday, Mother.

Even though you’re gone, you are still with me.

Love always,
Your daughter,

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