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This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Melvina Anderson of Mc- Connellsburg, pictures Della and Leroy Strait of Fort Littleton circa 1943. They were married March 28, 1944. Leroy served in the Army in Gander, Newfoundland. Della was originally from Newfoundland, Canada, and was in the military also. This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by Melvina Anderson of Mc- Connellsburg, pictures Della and Leroy Strait of Fort Littleton circa 1943. They were married March 28, 1944. Leroy served in the Army in Gander, Newfoundland. Della was originally from Newfoundland, Canada, and was in the military also. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 14, 1996


Two Needmore area men are being credited by Pennsylvania State Police from the McConnellsburg station with possibly breaking up an extensive theft ring which has probably been responsible for the thefts of several all-terrain vehicles from the southern Fulton County area. Police said that Marshall T. Hill and Randy Hill, both of the Needmore area, helped detain a suspect for police Wednesday, November 6, at a location off Long Point Road in Thompson Township. Arrested in the incident was Michael Volonino of Bristol, Conn. He was found to be in possession of five stolen ATVs. He was arraigned on two counts of receiving stolen property and three counts of theft and was remanded to Franklin County Prison.

Snyder’s Insurance on Main Street has a new look thanks to the combined efforts of owner Bobby Snyder, contractor Don Kerlin and McConnellsburg PRIDE. Work has been completed on the facade improvement project including painting of the building and refurbishing and painting of the shutters. The project, partially funded by PRIDE’s Commercial Facade Improvement grant program, provided the building with a facelift while maintaining the historical character of the building.

Fulton County economic development officials gathered November 12 at the JNT Precision Machining facility along old Route 30 west of town for a ribbon-cutting for its 4,000-square-foot addition. JNT began operations in 1989 as a small family-owned machine shop with one employee and three machines. Today, the company has 26 employees and 20 machines. The business owners are Tom Neil and Junior Neil.

Local veterans’ organizations and veterans representing service in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and Somalia honored their fallen comrades in ceremonies Monday morning at the courthouse.

A Needmore man was posthumously honored at a special ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., on November 11. More than 50 family and friends of the late James E. Mellott Sr., travelled by bus to the nation’s capital on Monday for the ceremony by the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The event was designed to honor those victims of the Vietnam War who suffered and died due to their exposure to Agent Orange, PTSD or other emotional or physical wounds.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Parson of McConnellsburg on November 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas of Hustontown on November 7.

Deaths: Diane Poffenberger, Needmore; William Reilly, McConnellsburg; Melvin Stevens; Pauline Summers, Boonsboro; Edith Mellott, Needmore.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 27, 1986


Community well wishes go to JLG President John L. Grove who is recovering from lung surgery at Hershey Hospital last Thursday.

The State Farm Show will be held January 11-16 next year at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

Fulton County Commissioners Tuesday adopted a proposed 1987 county budget that calls for no tax increases.

The state Senate Tuesday passed a House-amended version of a judicial bill that will add a third judgeship to the 39th Judicial District, which is comprised of Fulton and Franklin counties, the law would not take effect until 60 days after being signed by the governor, so it will fall upon newly elected Gov. Bob Casey to make the appointments once he takes office in January.

JLG Industries last week reported a net loss of $485,000, or 14 cents a share, for its fiscal first quarter ended October 31, 1986. In the year ago period, JLG reported earning of $186,000 of 5 cents a share.

Athletes at McConnellsburg High School can now spend time conditioning on their newest addition to the sports department. Late this summer the school district granted funds to the Varsity Club to purchase a multi-station weight training machine.

Charles and Alleene Dean are proud to announce the birth of a daughter, Sarah Jolene Dean, born November 24.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster of Waterfall on November 14; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Watkins of Chambersburg on November 15; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baughman Sr., Harrisonville, on November 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chafardon of McConnellsburg on November 17; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mills of Big Cove Tannery on November 18; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Akers of Little Orleans, Md., on November 19.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Seiders of McConnellsburg were guests of honor at a 50th wedding anniversary party held October 26 at McConnellsburg Firehall.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 24, 1976


Dr. Maurice D. Geiger, district director, Pennsylvania Department of Health, said Monday he felt the recent outbreak of hepatitis in southern Fulton County has stabilized.

Dr. R.C. McLucas was discharged from Washington County Hospital on Friday and is recuperating at his home from a recent heart attack. He cannot say when he will be able to resume his practice, but his office will remain open during regular office hours to dispense patient medication.

Snow fences were up and in readiness the past weekend, but threatening storm clouds did little more than bluster through with a few flurries here and there only momentarily whitening the landscape.

Harry Moats of Chambersburg suffered serious injuries on Friday when the tractor he was operating at his farm on the Timber Ridge Road in Fulton County upset on a steep bank and rolled completely over him and down the bank. His right leg was broken in three places and his left in one and he suffered a broken pelvis and internal injuries. He was found by his daughter, Ruth Foreman, who lives on the farm.

A marriage license was applied for at the local courthouse last week by Dennis Alan Kendall, McConnellsburg, and Georgia Karen Thurber of Burnt Cabins.

Specials at the IGA: turkeys, 49 cents lb.; ham half, $1.49 lb.; croutons, 2 pkgs., 79 cents; Heinz ketchup, 33 cents, 14-oz. btl.; Chips Ahoy cookies, 79 cents.

Deaths: Gilbert Kerns, Hancock; Christopher Peck, 3- month-old son of Harold and Sherry Creager Peck, McConnellsburg; Lottie B. Deshong, McConnellsburg; Harold W. Douglas, Hancock; Grace W. Fix, Fort Loudon.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 8, 1966


Young newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Gary Black, who were married November 26, were left homeless on Saturday when the small frame house in which they had gone to housekeeping four days previously was all but destroyed by fire. McConnellsburg firemen were called to the scene on Saturday by Mrs. Rush Hann. The property, owned by her son, John Hann, is located at Webster Mills. An overheated stove pipe is believed to have been the cause of the fire. The flames destroyed all the furniture and other personal belongings of the young couple.

Bryan Lane of Hustontown was one of 35 Pennsylvania 4-H Club members who attained one of the highest goals in the 4-H movement, reports county agent H.P. Kies. These young people represented the commonwealth’s 45,000 members as delegates to the 45th National 4-H Congress in Chicago.

Howard Carlin, 40, of Burnt Cabins, was pronounced dead on arrival on Tuesday afternoon at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon as the result of a hunting accident that occurred 1 1/2 miles north of Shade Gap, near Shade Mountain. Carlin was mistaken for a deer and shot through the left arm with a.308 Winchester rifle, the bullet passing into the chest cavity.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Truax will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary by holding an open house at their home on Lincoln Way East on Sunday, December 18.

Men in Service: A-1C Carl Gordon, who is stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, will celebrate a birthday on December 19; two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Melius of Hustontown are presently serving in Vietnam. T-Sgt. Allen E. Melius and S-Sgt. Donald E. Melius.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Shaw, Crystal Spring, on November 29; a son to Mr. and Mrs. William Keebaugh, McConnellsburg, on December 1; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. David Wright, Needmore, on Decemer 2; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Junior Smith, Hancock, on December 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Garey Sprowl of McConnellsburg on December 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Humbert, McConnellsburg, on December 4.

Deaths: Claudia Woodford, McConnellsburg; William Byers, Chambersburg; Solomon H. McLucas, Battendorf, Iowa; Robert M. Hill, Mercersburg; Dr. C.A.R. McClain; Mrs. Adda L. Appleby, Shippensburg; Mrs. Jane Baker, Huntingdon County; Connie Layton, Hancock.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 6, 1956


Mrs. Besse Laidig returned to her home in Knobsville on Sunday evening after spending some time in Pittsburgh where she was called because of the serious illness and death of her brother, Thomas Hampton.

Harry Brantner of town was called to Everett last Friday when the home of his mother was gutted by fire.

Paul Stevens returned to his home here on Wednesday from Chambersburg Hospital where he underwent surgery last Friday.

Among the lucky deer hunters this week were Harold A. Metz, Dr. D.L. Hohman, Dr. R.E. Riggs, Lloyd Smith, Dale Souders and Wilmer Laidig.

The Forbes Road hobby show was rated a great success. Student displays and exhibits were educational, the food stand buffet was busy until the last crumb was gone and the last kernel was popped, and the PTA made a big gain in membership. More than $100 was netted for the purchase of playground equipment.

A dramatic disclosure of new medical evidence freed a 19-year-old Huntingdon County youth of charges of murdering a Big Cove Tannery man in a taproom brawl near McConnellsburg on October 20. Judge W. Sheely freed the young man of the murder charge on Friday after a local physician testified that the dead man would have died anyway within a matter of “minutes or hours.” At the habeas corpus hearing on Friday, the doctor told the judge that an autopsy had been performed on the dead man and that careful microscopic study of tissue from the dead man’s brain had revealed that a brain hemorrhage had occurred from three to 10 days before the fight. As a result, the doctor said, the dead man’s death was only a matter of minutes or hours away even before he encountered the Huntingdon County youth. The doctor added that he could not say that the blows administered could have hastened the death. The Huntingdon County youth is still being held in the local jail, but on a lesser charge of assault and battery.

Earl Gordon has been elected president and Max Stenger chief of the local fire company.

Melvin Thomas, 22, Wells Tannery, was admitted to Chambersburg Hospital on Friday for treatment of a severe laceration, a fractured bone and a severed tendon of the left thumb that he received when he struck his thumb with a hatchet while chopping wood.

The town council took action at its meeting on Tuesday evening to remove the floodgate on the creek at the rear of the property of Miss Grace Shimer. Miss Shimer had pleaded for some time for the gate’s removal or repair to alleviate the flood condition on her property.

Howard Sapp, manager of the Fulton Manufacturing Co. here, reported that several hundred interested persons made a tour of the new Stanley Sagner building at an open house on Friday. Spectators, formed into groups, were conducted on tours while the more than 400 employees remained on their jobs.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter, Rena Lynn, to Mr. and Mrs. James Mumma of Burnt Cabins on December 1.

Engagements: Nikki Golden to Harold Andrew Spade and Janet Lorraine Yonker to David M. Henderson.

Last week’s Mystery Farm was the Lee Keefer farm near Needmore.

Deaths: Mrs. Mary “Mollie” Snyder of Everett; Mrs. Alice Jane Alloway of Hustontown.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 12, 1946


Donald Hamil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamil of McConnellsburg, was discharged from the United States Air Force on December 7, arriving home on Sunday.

Miss Jessie Sloan is suffering from pneumonia at her home.

Judith Ann McClaster celebrated her fifth birthday on Sunday with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Black

D.A. Washabaugh Sr. of town was admitted to Everett Hospital last Sunday.

Kenneth Ray, who suffered a fractured leg on the school grounds last week, is now attending school on crutches.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Gienger of Mt. Ranier, Md., announced the birth of a son, Charles Watson, on December 1.

Sila E. Keefer died suddenly of a heart attack on Friday afternoon as he was walking to his home in Thompson Township.

An unidentified 4 1/2-month-old premature baby was found by hunters on Saturday about five miles north of Mc- Connellsburg.

Walter L. Schooley and Esther Marie Gochnour were married on Thanksgiving Day.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 10, 1936


Deaths: Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hess of Baltimore; Helen Ruth Chesnut of McConnellsburg; Scott D. Wolfe of Taylor Township.

Andre G. Syko and Mary Elizabeth Keefer were married December 5.

Fulton County achieved the unenviable record last year of having the highest death rate from tuberculosis of any county in Pennsylvania, exceeding even the largest cities. The Vital Statistics Bureau of the Pennsylvania Department of Health said: “Fulton’s rate was 72.9 (per 100,000 population) as compared with a rate of 46.2 for Pennsylvania as a whole.”

Joseph Franklin Biddle, founder and publisher of the Daily News of Huntingdon, died at his home on December 3 following an illness of three weeks with heart trouble.

Mrs. Herbert M. Jackson of Brush Creek received a compound fracture of the right arm in an automobile accident last Monday.

Mrs. Mary Kelly spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Culler of Plum Run. On Friday, Mrs. Kelly marked her 82nd birthday.

90 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 9, 1926


Deaths: Thomas J. Reeder of Hustontown; Mrs. Catherine Young of Ashland, Ohio; Abner Mellott Lak of near Needmore; Mrs. J. Barton Walters of Round Knob, Bedford; d County; Mrs. Charles Lane of near Webster Mills; John Winegardner of Taylor Township; Miss Keziah Caution of near Mercersburg.

Earl W. McCurdy and Edna Ruth Ott were wed last week.

In order to create and maintain a greater interest in spelling, the Fulton County Bank has set aside $50 in gold to be awarded to the best spellers in the schools of Fulton County.

George Porter Duvall and Faye Leotoa Bottenfield were married November 24.

Herman Richards and family, who had been living in Central City where he was employed, have moved back to Big Cove Tannery.

Ray Hess of Dublin Mills is becoming a veteran teacher. He has taught 17 terms in but seven buildings.

Lucky deer hunters from here this week included B. Frank Henry, Ben Shimer and Ross Doyle.

Riley Brown of near Hustontown, left on Tuesday for the Bowman Technical School in Lancaster where he is a student.

Henry Sharpe of Amaranth received a broken jaw in an automobile accident at Warfordsburg last week.

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